The Vampire Lecs of Sayon

Vampires of Sayon:
When I was a little girl I used to read a lot of dark poems and poetry, and romanticised vampires to death, as in, people got tired of me talking about them. When I got better at my art I decided to work on a personal series based on some of the distinctive vampire characters that I had come across over time, and my favourites slowly developed as my art developed. These vampires are not the vampires of ‘Twilight’ or ‘Vampire Diaries’. These vampires to me a like the darkness in your heart. The fear that creeps up inside you. They wear pretty faces but they are evil inside. I really love that raw evilness within that I hoped to capture in their eyes. Do you see it?

Sold as a sex slave in the courts of Sayon’s most notoriously rich and malicious elite, Lecs was a broken creature. When he tried to flee from his prison he was flogged half to death and put up for auction to the highest bidder, his last owner was bored of him anyway.

In sauntered in Hage who had an eye for pretty boys and killed the auction, by piercing a spear right through Lecs’ heart.

Fleeing with the limp body through a rain of bullets, she had much fun with the injured boy after she bit him and watched his rippled muscles and toned skin ripen and heal under the magic of her deadly blood. Lecs was Hage’s pet and was spoilt rotten from the day his bright blue eyes fluttered open and the two heart broken vampires made love for the first time.

However as the years went by, Lecs slowly began  to tire of the cruel hand Hage dealt to her victums, seeing his old masters and mistresses in her words and deeds. He began to drift away and started searching for another to call his love.

Soon after Hage added the broken and crippled Heather to her crew, Hage stumbled across a crew of bounty hunters hired by his old masters and mistresses to hunt down and destroy Hage, who slowly begun to make a name for herself for killing the rich and taking over their assets.

Hage sent Lecs to scout out around the bounty hunters’ lair, unfortunately Lecs was not very good at his job and was captured by a young bounty hunter, who promptly stole his heart away as well. The two fell madly in love with each other and the bounty hunter convinced Lecs to sell out Hage in order to save himself so that they can build a future together somewhere else.

However Lecs and his boyfriend’s plan is foiled as Heather, Hage’s loyal servant reports Lecs and Hage swiftly deals punishment on her former boy toy and rips out his heart.

Lecs’ lover after the whole ordeal is left to roam the rest of his life, moaning the loss of his immortal companion, and dies soon after of heartbreak.


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