Calehah: The One Who Has The Moon in his Eyes

Calehah: The One Who Has The Moon in his Eyes

He literally does – his irises resembling little moons with craters and everything.

Vampires of Sayon:
When I was a little girl I used to read a lot of dark poems and poetry, and romanticised vampires to death, as in, people got tired of me talking about them. When I got better at my art I decided to work on a personal series based on some of the distinctive vampire characters that I had come across over time, and my favourites slowly developed as my art developed. These vampires are not the vampires of ‘Twilight’ or ‘Vampire Diaries’. These vampires to me a like the darkness in your heart. The fear that creeps up inside you. They wear pretty faces but they are evil inside. I really love that raw evilness within that I hoped to capture in their eyes. Do you see it?

Calehah is a young narcissistic faey who has always done what he likes when he likes it. This of course means that he is often short on cash and makes his way through the world by having numerous partons of his sex appeal on the side while he professes to be a bounty hunter, though he is not very good at it.

Calehah comes across Heather’s bounty, which is placed soon after the vampire Heather is rescued by the faey girl Veks, and sets off to find Heather in  the forbidden forest where the two girls are rumors to be hiding. When he finds Heather he uses the same love potion that he uses on all the old men and women he had drugged to get into their pants and their pockets on Heather, and soon finds Heather walking right into his little trap.

When Calehah realises the potential threat Veks could be to the success of his plans, he decides to eliminate her in order to make sure Heather thought that Calehah was the only one she could depend on. However after stabbing Veks and leaving her to die in the middle of the woods, Vek’s tainted blood ran into the nearby pond, which ran into a stream, which caught Heather’s attention and she immediately went in search of her soulmate.

Calehah’s life is then cut short when the two girls  recover from Veks’ almost death and then they turn on Calehah and make quick work of him. The man with the moon in his eyes is thus no more.

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