The Vampire Hage of Sayon

Vampires of Sayon

When I was a little girl I used to read a lot of dark poems and poetry, and romanticised vampires to death, as in, people got tired of me talking about them. When I got better at my art I decided to work on a personal series based on some of the distinctive vampire characters that I had come across over time, and my favourites slowly developed as my art developed. These vampires are not the vampires of ‘Twilight’ or ‘Vampire Diaries’. These vampires to me a like the darkness in your heart. The fear that creeps up inside you. They wear pretty faces but they are evil inside. I really love that raw evilness within that I hoped to capture in their eyes. Do you see it?


Hage was once a beautiful charming girl, but she was brutally raped and murdered and left to die on the roadside after her carriage was hijacked and her family was killed. Robbed of everything including her dignity and her life, Hage was “rescued” by a passing faey who bled their blood into her, giving her the power of being alive without having to rely on a beating heart and a functioning body.

However over time her hatred for the man who robbed her of her life grew, and even after she hunted him down and tore him limb from limb, her blood lust was never sated. The beautiful bright light of the faey magic soon began to fade and as it faded, she became increasingly pale and weak.

As her energy wore thin, she dragged her dying body to the nearest faey home and threatened to burn down their tiny thatch house if they did not tell her how she could save herself. They faey, fearing for their lives, told her of a dark spring in the heart of the forest, where the most evilest of the faey resided, and told her there she would find an answer to help her sustain her dark existence.

After much searching Hage finally found the dark creature and the creature gave her a potion that would “restart” her human form, giving her back all the bodily functions, however, in order to keep herself alive she would have to drink the fresh running blood or an animal or a human being, and that would sustain her body and keep her healthy and immensely strong.

Hage drank the potion without baiting an eyelash.

After the potion took it’s hold of her system, and pain shattered through her nerves as all her organs and veins sprung with life again from their decaying decomposing state, the dark creature informed that the catch was that whatever she bit would turn into a creature just like her, and would follow her where ever she would go, so she would have two choices; to mother them or to kill them. Of course Hage regularly choose the latter, finding great pleasure in sucking the life dry of lecherous and villainous men and women she encountered in her long and solemn life.


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