The Vampire Heather of Sayon

Vampires of Sayon:

When I was a little girl I used to read a lot of dark poems and poetry, and romanticised vampires to death, as in, people got tired of me talking about them. When I got better at my art I decided to work on a personal series based on some of the distinctive vampire characters that I had come across over time, and my favourites slowly developed as my art developed. These vampires are not the vampires of ‘Twilight’ or ‘Vampire Diaries’. These vampires to me a like the darkness in your heart. The fear that creeps up inside you. They wear pretty faces but they are evil inside. I really love that raw evilness within that I hoped to capture in their eyes. Do you see it?


Heather is a delicate beauty. One of the last few victums of Hage. Born a child in the middle of WWI, she lost her family to a bomb and was left stranded with no legs and no eyes, left for the dead. Hage took pity on her and gave her the blood that runs through her veins, not by biting her, but by blood transfusion at a local hospital because Heather had already bled out so much of her own.

Heather becomes Hage’s right hand woman for many centuries, the innocent crippled beauty that walked around stiffly on wooded legs and crutches was swifter and more stealthy than anyone could possible imagine, and learnt the cold cruel ways of her mistress as deeply as a sponge soaks up water.

However Heather to Hage’s suprise is also her undoing, as Heather one days falls in love with another one of Hage’s victums, Lecs, only to see her mistress rip his heart out from his chest when the young vampire messes up and reveals to the bounty hunters who are hunting them down where their hiding place is, because he was seduced and tricked into believing the bounty hunter would save him from Hage and take him away despite Hage’s repeated warnings that the man meant no good for the vampire family.

Heather, thrown into a blind rage after watching Lecs die, rips out Hage’s heart and is caught and held captive by the bountry hunters as she stands in the midst of the blood of her mother and creator.


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