The Vampire Veks of Sayon

Vampires of Sayon:
When I was a little girl I used to read a lot of dark poems and poetry, and romanticised vampires to death, as in, people got tired of me talking about them. When I got better at my art I decided to work on a personal series based on some of the distinctive vampire characters that I had come across over time, and my favourites slowly developed as my art developed. These vampires are not the vampires of ‘Twilight’ or ‘Vampire Diaries’. These vampires to me a like the darkness in your heart. The fear that creeps up inside you. They wear pretty faces but they are evil inside. I really love that raw evilness within that I hoped to capture in their eyes. Do you see it?

Veks is the faey who took pity on a young girl called Hage and healed her with her own blood, only to have the girl grow bitter and dark because of the anger and pain in her heart, and turn into the first Vampire of my fictional world called “Sayon”.

Being the faey who originally saved Hage, Veks tries to save Hage’s last creation, Heather, from an untimely death, and whisks the crippled vampire girl away from her captors and cares for her and her wounds.

However Heather hates Veks for helping to create the monster who was her mistress and bites Veks, cursing her too into the life of a bloodsucker.  However Veks, being faey, takes it positively as she does everything else in her long immortal life, and Heather’s hatred slowly turns into love, and the two girls end up having a sweet inseparable relationship together, never quite engaging in sex, but the sexual tension does indeed exist between them

When Heather falls for another, a male faey called Calehah who has the moon in his eyes. Veks begins to wonder if the love they have is worth fighting for, and she begins to turn darker and darker as she sees Heather loosing herself to this man of the moon. When Heather confesses that she will be dating the boy, Heather takes a trip deep into the woods for a potion to rid herself of the feelings that she has for Heather, once and for all.

Veks however never makes it as the man with the moon in his eyes, Calehah, afraid that his secret will be revealed, stabs Veks in the dark and leaves her to die in a pond that flows into a river that flows out to the sea.

When Heather sees the blood of her dear friend, she immediately realizes how much she actually loves her and rushes through the woods to find her.

Just in time Heather reaches Veks’ limp body and shares her blood with the dying faey and revives her. When Veks tells her of the Calehah’s vicious act Heather confronts Calehah who reveals that he actually had used a love potion on Heather and tricked her into falling for him. There was a huge bounty on Heather’s head and Calehah wanted to collect.

Veks and Heather make quick work of Calehah and decided from then on that they were for each other forever.

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