National Gallery of Singapore

Today I had the privilege of being one of the first few patrons to experience the architectural beauty of the renovated Old Parliament building which is now known as the National Gallery. However the day leading up to the event hadn’t been as smooth as I had thought it would be.

I first got the invitation through my boss, who had extended the offer to all of us at the office. That day I had been lounging on my bed, working on yet another one of my comics, and daydreaming about the weekend, which usually looks a lot like this:

The text was brief and to the point, and the time limit to confirm was approximately 15 minutes, and at the time I figured, why not~ My actual weekend plans usually look like this:

So I quickly requested tickets for myself to attend the event and within minutes my boss sent me a reply that I was down for the preview, and I could bring a guest with me, which was delightful as of course, that gave me a reason to drag Bad into my little adventure… not that I needed one; what are besties for if not to be dragged around almost-empty museums with the soul purpose of watching you stare in awe at the columns and beams of the building when it would probably be more fun to watch paint dry.

And then just my luck, three days before the event, I caught a flue/cough/headache virus thingie which made me feel like I wanted to have my head surgically removed from my body so that I could breath better….

But I soldiered on, getting myself medicated and hydrated to hopefully make myself somewhat presentable for today’s event.

Finally, with wads of tissue packs stuffed into my tiny handbag I met up with Bad at Potong Pasir MRT and we headed over to the National Gallery together.

The whole time over I became increasingly more flustered as I was anxious about the time we arrived. Thoughts of the phlegm trapped in my throat which made me sound like a 90 year old woman started to cross my mind, and horrible images of me choking to death on my own saliva began to race through my head as I have asthma and being short of breath is never a nice place to be in asthma-land.

Luckily Bad talked me through it and although the mucus had painfully caked underneath the bridge of my nose and I had tissue paper in my hand covering my face so that I could cough up little slimy yellowing discharges in order to breath again, I felt somewhat presentable by the time we found our way into the gallery.

However as the the cold air-conditioned air rushed against my skin as we pushed open the door into the gallery itself and once the usher approved my letter of invitation, I suddenly felt worlds apart from the tense, anxious feeling I had been having just moments before. We were given a map of the Gallery as well as a feedback form each, and were allowed to wander the gallery on our own accord, and the minute I looked up at the roof of the national gallery, I was completely blown away.

In the gallery at the beginning of this post are the pictures I took while Bad and I made our way through the gallery, however there was so much to see and marvel over, that I don’t feel that my pictures do the National Gallery justice as it’s true majesty must be seen in person.

And so there you have it, my time spent at the National Gallery was fun, a little tiring, but it was so worth it. At every turn there was something fascinating to see and now I am looking forward to visiting the gallery when it finally opens.You can imagine what my review in the end was like:

The only fault I found was that there are currently no halal food options at the Gallery itself, and although there are a few restaurants elsewhere to choose from, the museum experience would not have been as pleasant as it was without the chance we got to sit down and have something to drink, and reminisce over the experience.

We had intended to have dinner there but alas, after our freshly squeezed juice we took a walk to Bugis Junction and had our dinner at Eighteen Chefs instead. I’m really hoping that once the place is complete there will be halal options available to complete the perfection that the National Gallery already is.

After dinner Bad and I spent a blissful hour playing Lego Marvel at St. Games, and finally we headed home for the evening.

Which means that despite all my plans, my weekend did indeed turn into this:

However this time I had some company. I’m off to slumber land and then work tomorrow.

Catch you guys on the flip-side~!

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