DietDiary #1

Why I Started This Diet

I’ve decided to go on a lil diet plan that is specially catered for my height and weight, and I’ve decided to keep track of my progress here daily. There may or may not be any pictures, it’ll just be a run down of how I’m feeling and what I ate…or didn’t eat and so on. Also Weekly I’ll be taking note of my weight.

I used to be very fit and slender when I was in secondary school, but due to depression, I became lazy and lethargic, and the weight has been creeping on ever since. Several unhealthy friendships and relationships later, I gave up on myself every finding real happiness and completely let myself go, thinking that no one would ever love me for who I am.

However now everything has changed for the better in my private and social live. I am now technically in the most loving and caring relationship I could ever ask for, and am being surrounded by so many caring and supportive family and friends, however I have been hating myself more and more each day as I continue to put on the pounds.

That is why I have begun this diet. This diet is so that I love myself again, and feel confident again about who I am as a person and so that I can run and jump and cycle and scream and laugh without feeling wheezy and short-of-breath and worn out.

Where I Am At Now:

Sometime last week I started on this diet and last week I was at 209lb or 95kg.

Currently as of today: 198.4lb or 90kg

I’m guessing a good portion of it was water weight so I’m not jumping for joy as of yet, but I intend to soldier on and do another weigh-in this time next week to see my progress.

Today’s Struggles:

Today’s meal search was actually quite antagonising. Usually I would go for kfc or McDonald’s considering how easy it is to simply pick up a burger and fries and have them on the way home. When I walked up to the KFC at the mall I was at, I stood there for a good five minutes, looking at all the options on the menu, and compared them to the calorie content stipluated on line that each burger and burger set meal held, that I eventually couldn’t even bring myself to buy anything, and began to comb the mall for something, anything under a 400cal intake that I could stuff into my mouth as quickly as possible.

Finally, I came to a tiny resturant in the corner of the mall. I looked at the menu and was delighted to see RAW VEGETABLES~!!! You can’t get any less calories than that! I was so ravenous that I sat down and ordered it with whatever version of tofu and plain rice that they had available.

And here it is:


It was really…well…it was food, and I was hungry. However I have to say I have never had such hot chili in my life~! And the fried tofu and tempeh was so delicious, if not for the fact that I was so full after eating several pieces of raw cabbage and string beans, I would have been tempted to order another plate of it.

So overall I felt that today was a success. I am definitely determined to head home immediately after work tomorrow to get my hands on a decent salad instead of walking around looking for one for hours, and if any of you are on diets too, keep going~! May we all reach our target weight goals~~!!

start weight: 95

current weight: 90

target weight: 65


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