A Letter to the Ghosts that hurt the Most

This is my letter to the ghosts that hurt the most. To the people who were once in my life to create harmony, but the cracks showed and revealed that there was only harm that we could create in our fallen grace. I played the victim at times, and so did you, but in the end it takes two hands to clap, and the blame fades away when there is no one left to call it.

At times I thought that I would never find a way around it. That the pain was too great, or the hurt was too deep, but I have met so many more people, and lived so many more lives since you, that you no longer seem to be real to me. Like a ghost, you simply existed, and then ceased to exist when the time befitted you, or me.

I can say for sure that there was a time that I loved you. There was a time that I longed to see your faces again, and there was a time that I hoped that I never would, but those times came and went, and then I realized something quite beautiful – that you in your own way, created something special, even if it was through pain, anger and frustration, and although we never reconciled, we never fully understood each other or that we never cared enough to care enough, the memory will always be there, as a happy, or an unhappy dream.

So this is my letter to my ghosts who hurt the most. I’m glad I met you, I may never see you again, I’ve already forgotten about you and I hope you have done the same.



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