DietDiary #2

Ok so I’m back. And today was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. The trouble with having a strict diet is that after a while, you almost get comfortable with eating so little, to a point where you forget to eat, and end up starving in the middle of work, or binge eating at dinner time. I found myself in that predicament as I ended up only being able to pack a tiny container of sliced tomatoes as I was in a hurry, and ended up not even eating them until hours later.

By the time I got home I was so famished, that I pulled out all the stops. I took out the grilled chicken, the steamed rice, the spinach and the cabbage, and prepared it as if it was the last meal I was going to eat on this planet. By the time I sat down to eat it I felt as though I had fasted all day and I was breaking my fast at last. I ate my food so fast that I barely could savor the taste before I had swallowed it down, barely even chewing it in the process.

Having eaten so quickly I still felt as though I needed more, and I washed it down with water, and then, milk tea. Against my better judgment I then follored it with another cup of milk tea. I felt so bad as I ladled in the two teaspoons of sugar into the tea and as I sat down, cradling the hot cup, I told myself that I’d stay up all night and work on my art to make this second cup worth it.

After I had finally shamefully washed and put away that empty cup onto the drying rack, my Dad came home with dinner, which was basically the largest pizza I have ever seen!


The pizza was huge! It was pretty much three times the size of a regular pizza! I was totally surprised~!


They had a lil salad on the side so I took a little bowl to taste.

I was soooo tempted to eat some but I literally had no space in my belly. My binge eating earlier had taken care of that~ However I did have a lot of fun taking these pictures. It’s kind of cool to be able to resist something I would usually just take and stuff into my face. I am feeling quite encourage…though still a lil guilty of that second cup of sweet milk tea, and also really considering to get another bowl of that very attractive looking salad. XD


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