Cirque Du Soliel – Totem

The performance was amazing, but lets start from the beginning. It took me a while to settle on a look, and finally I decided on a floral print black dress, with a blue embroidered handbag and a lovely beige-coloured poncho-styled overcoat.

PhotoGrid_1446054041934 PhotoGrid_1446054237559

Leaving the house was lovely as the air was still fresh after it had rained for most of the afternoon, and I was looking forward to the performance.PhotoGrid_1446054326757

Upon arrival I was cutting it very close, so I didn’t have any time to take photographs of the area, but I did however manage to take photos of the performance…when I remembered that I had a camera in my phone.


PhotoGrid_1446053114036 PhotoGrid_1446053249691



It was honestly really breath-taking. I feel like the performance has been engrained into my mind. It was magical, mystical and inspiring, and I feel very meditative and self-reflective when I think about the experience. This is definitely a must-watch for creative types like me~I know that it’s a circus performance, but to me, it’s a living installation.


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