Diet Diaries #5: Egg Salad Sanwiches

Unfortunately this week had been a very busy week, so I missed being able to update since last Monday~! However I have been sticking to the diet as much as possible, falling off the van wagon here and there, but over all clinging on to dear life.

In order to get all my necessary vitamins and nutrients, I’ve been eating a lot of salads, and this salad is my favourite hard-boiled egg salad which I made into a sandwiche for myself as well as for my baby sister, who was at home at the time.
PhotoGrid_1446053433575 PhotoGrid_1446053652690

I really enjoyed the meal, and right after I had to rush over for a very exciting show~! Cirque Du Soliel’s Totem~! I’ll be doing a post on it next as I managed to get quite a few pictures of the show.

P.S. So far this week I’m down to 85kg~!

So I managed to go down another 5kg, or my scale is broken. either way, I’m going to keep pressing forward towards my goal, and hopefully next week  I’ll have some more good news~!

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