DietDiaries #6: Vegan Burg & Rollerblading~!

Today was really fun as my girlfriend and I went rollerblading! We had been planning this since last week when she went, and although she is so much better than me, she was game to go with me this week and help me get better at it.

Before we went rollarblading we met up at Veganburg for a delicious meal of hamburgers, brocoli and french fries.

I got the Avocado&Beetroot:


And she got the Tangy Tartar:


And we shared the sides of french fries and brocoli together with a delicious side drink of Mango juice for our meals each.


Both tasted fantastic and we were so full afterwards. We watched ‘Yo Rang Mi Lord’ while eating, which was fantastic as both of us found the lesbian character very endearing.

After that we sat down and started planning my next art project. If all goes well I’ll post up some progress pictures here as well~!

Then finally, we waddled like a pair of well-stuffed kittens over to the bus stop, and took a bus down to East Coast Park to rent out a set of roller blades for me, so that I could accompany her as she already bought her own blades a while ago.

The initial start of the process was extremely scary as, although i have rollerbladed before, that was years ago when i was also 65kg with abs, biceps and a fantastic metabolism rate. My core muscles are all over the place at the moment and although I would love to boast that I nailed it on my first time, all I can say is that I was the nail, and gravity was the hammer that had me be nailed face-down on the gravel path.

On our way back we bumped into an old friend who also was rollerblading, and while my girlfriend and I stuffed our faces with some local cuisine, she filled us in on life and work.

Finally after chatting, we called it a night and headed home. I hope you all have had a really good halloween weekend! I know I definitely enjoyed myself a lot, despite the Howler.

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