The Girl Without Arms – The Devil wants her

Sometimes when I’d feel like it, I’d go down to one of the little spoken-word dens and perform spoken word prose. My first spoken word vlog was a poem, which was uploaded – here – and well… after that I was kind of addicted.

I started my youtube channel for the soul purpose of posting up random creative stuff, and recently I’ve been  creating new spoken word stories, however I haven’t had the time to take myself down to one of those delicious little dens, so I’ve decided to record and upload my stories on my youtube channel instead. Below is a short description of my latest spoken-word prose.

If you are interested in fantasy, mystery and a little bit of horror, I believe you will enjoy this story, however it is about an hour long,so who knows~ Maybe do some house cleaning or grab a snack while you listen.

Without further adieu, The Girl Without Arms:

Girl without Arms

If you enjoyed this and would like to listen to more, feel free to subscribe to my channel~!

Aidadaism on Youtube

Don’t worry, I post up videos as sporadically as I post up blog posts, so I won’t overwhelm your user feed. 🙂


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