DietDiaries #8 – Homemade Salad for $9

Ok so tomorrow is my personal weigh-in and I’m really trying to stick to my diet, so I went to the supermarket instead of the many many tempting stores, and I bought a couple of fresh vegetables to make a salad for my meal when I got home.


I got home and found that my baby sister and my Dad hadn’t eaten as well, so I mixed up a large bowl of salad, and added stir-fried tofu cubes in for protein.


It tasted good.

As it was already so close to dinner by the time I got home, I decided to add on a block of tofu and a side of fried rice to complete my meal for the day. I know I’m supposed to eat like…little portions often, but I forgave myself as today I had forgotten to pack a lot of healthy snacks, so I opted for waiting for the evening to eat instead of feeding myself a lot of terrible options that were bad for my body.


Dinner was lovely, and so was the Eighth Episode of Doctor Who Season 9~! I can’t wait for next week’s episode~!!


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