Lunch Date

Yesterday started out at the office with a cup of warm coffee and a packet of chicken sandwich, however I didn’t realise that the wonderful person who made my sandwich had put in cheese, therefore despite it tasting sooo goood,  I had to give away the other half away in order to remain faithful to my low-calorie diet.


After I got off my shift, Sun dropped by to take me out for a hearty meal, and she wasn’t kidding. She took me to the Charlie Brown Cafe where we ordered crispy chicken, fish and chips, tomato soup, beef goulash and a turkey-ham salad.


The food was really good but I favoured the salad more than anything, and I made sure to leave space for dessert, which was a lovely serving of Chocolate Lava cake with a side of ice cream which Sun and I shared between us.

wpid-photogrid_1447386995882_20151113124251116.jpgAfter that she got a haircut – which made me blush quite a bit as she had been trying to grow out her hair for a while, but having trimmed it down to a lovely buzz-cut with a curled fringe, her bright dark eyes stood out fetchingly against her honey-coloured skin, making her features sharp and beautiful.

I’m definitely looking forward to Sunday, when I get to go rollerblading with her again. :3 Sun is so beautiful and charming and lovely, the time we spend together is never enough, I hope that one day soon we can live together~


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