DietDiaries #11: A Week of Juice

I’ve always heard a lot about juicing, so lately I’ve used every opportunity available to juice whatever is on hand in the slow juicer my mother recently bought.

Apple orange and carrot juice
With yogurt and banana





Strawberry, Blueberry, apple and orange juice smoothies:


And literally after that, rinse and repeat. I wouldn’t say that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, but my colon definitely feels a lot better as everything comes out pretty much five minutes after it goes in~!

I’ve also been obsessed over pasta and have had several different kinds this week, mostly variations of aglio olio, and I won’t bore you with too many snap shops of Aida’s Aglio Olio.


But that stuff be gooood.

So far I’m still hovering around 85kg. I’ll be going bicycling ltr so hopefully that will shed some pounds~! Catch you all later~!

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