Lunch @ Fika


Bad invited me to meet up with one of her cousins, and although I really wanted to spend the day with Sun, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat deliciously healthy(yes that is definitely a subjective opinion) food at Fika~!


The pasta was perfect, though I’m not a fan of mussels and calamari, I’m also not a fan of wasting food, so I ate everything. It was really good though, I didn’t regret the order at all.


Bad, of course, ordered the meatballs, which as always was delicious.


Bad’s cousin went for the Pannbiff, which was this juice hamberger-patti-like meat on a bed of sauce and happiness~


And like a wonderful wonderful bestfriend, Bad turned a blind eye to me ordering dessert (Shhhh, don’t tell Sun, I’ll nvr hear the end of it~!)




It was all good. It was all worth it, and it was all good.

Have a great weekend ahead guys~!


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