NGS and How Lesser Artists are Discriminated

The things that makes the world go down.

Sibling Artists Are Made To Remove Their Art From The NGS

Just because the art is made by children or lesser famous artists, doesn’t make it any less important. If the NGS gave them permission prior to the exhibition  they should have been clear about it right from the start, and not publicly embarrase the artists involved by having them remove the work when obviously they should have informed them clearly of the full details prior to making the family set up their work. I mean seriously, no artist simply walks into a gallery and hangs up their art cluelessly. It takes months of preparation, paperwork, money and approval, and basically half to three quarters of their budget probably just went to waste because someone up there couldn’t give care enough about their situation.

If the fault was not rectified earlier, then the least that the NGS could do would be to allow them to continue to exhibit all their hard work or at least half to three quarters, and I hope the family was re-emburse for all the money they spent creating a full series of art works… but I bet the NGS didn’t even have the courtesy to do that.

Lol I apologise I literally just went for the openning celebrations yesterday and i was all geared up to talk about it further, but this article has deeply struck my artist-side and made me re-think my out look on NGS all together. Perhaps I will still post my experience, because my experience was not created just by a series of curators and a board of directors but by the wonderful company that was with me, all the artists that contributed their work to the gallery, the ushers that worked very hard to crowd control, the security people at the security checks, the dancers, singers and other performance artists and all the other people who literally helping to run the show on the ground level, and that’s what I’m going to celebrate, but not the discrimination of the modern day artist.

I mean for crying out loud they even had an exhibition on a local artist that was a strong activist against art discrimination. His blazer hangs in their gallery with the words “Do not give money to the Arts” in great bold golden letters, and yet this can happen. This can happen. Same gallery. Same exhibitions being hosted. And this can happen.

*flips table*


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