Moving house and watching Carol, among many other things…

I’m being kicked out of my house because my parents are homophobic, among many other things, so I do apologise for not being around. However to keep the spirits up this festive season, Sun took me to watch “Carol”…and oh my my my…it was so worth it.


It is sensual, seductive and classy, making it so much more delicate than “Blue is the Warmest Colour”, and it has finest that appeals to me in the deepest way possible.
And so relatable too. My life, falling apart as it is, has been a balancing act of keeping up the smiles and the act at work as if everything ok, but really most of the time I feel like this:


I’d love to pull myself a long non-alchoholic drink(I’m a recovering alcoholic) and just stare into space, watching everything I’ve known fall apart, and yet there are bills to pay and things to pack and it’s about time I move on from this.


And that passion for photography… That dedication seen through Teress’ eyes is so beautiful, so alluring, it reminds me why despite all the negativity, I’m still running towards my art like it’s a train heading into space, hoping to jump on board before it takes off.

I hope, like these two beautiful women, I find the kind of ending fit for two beating hearts that love each other fiercely, and want to make this work, over and over again.


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