The Rose Walkway

I’ve been really interested in illusion art and after playing Monument Valley for the 100th time, I decided to let my creative juices flow and begin a new series of art which I am proud to present to all of you today~ Welcome to my Walkways:

The Rose Walkway:

the rose walkway_coloured_image2

This rosy walkway is like the ultimate garden of my dreams, and it’s best feature is that once you start the walk of the roses, you find that you never want to leave~!

It’s available now on Redbubble if you’d like to get this print as a t-shirt or a a laptop skin, or even an iphone case or a bedspread~! And it’s available in various colours for the T-shirts as I’ve rendered the illustration quite adaptable for print.

Let me know what you think~! Would you like to see more of this? And what other type of walkways would you like to walk down?

Click here to Check out the print: * The Rose Walkway * Or click the image above.


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