Truth or Dare: 1

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

I wrote this story a few years back when I was still exploring my sexuality. This is an M18 story and set in present day between two working adults, who were friends until an incident with a game of “Truth or Dare” turned them into something else altogether.

If you enjoy the story, please let me know by commenting below, and I’ll be sure to continue it.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.


Chapter 1: Misunderstandings

The bottle spun. It stopped. I looked in the direction it was pointing at. Liam grinned and beckoned, while everyone else hooted and hollered at us.

“Chris and Liam! Chris and Liam! Oooo!!!” The rest said and laughed.

I rolled my eyes and got up “I’m taking the lead”, I said and grinned.

“Don’t worry Chrissy-poo, let me show you what a real good kiss from a real good kisser feels like” Liam said as he held the closet door open for me.

I rolled my eyes again and stepped in, amidst the hooting, hollering and laughter of the rest of our friends.

The door closed and I was in there with Liam. He put his arms around me.

“Wanna hear a secret?” I whispered with my signature smirk on.

“What?” he whispered back, his hot breath on my face.

“I’m in love with your girlfriend” I replied.

The silence stretched. Liam took a sudden intake of breath. “What?” he whispered, his voice coming out harsh and shocked.

“THIRTY SECONDS UP~!!!!” our friends hollered from outside.

I shrugged Liam off and slammed open the door, then crossed the room and sat down amidst the circle again, grinning from ear to ear.

“How was it?” Everyone started piping up, laughing and giggling, trying to imagine Liam and the tomboy Chris making out.

“I didn’t get to kiss her! She told me some dumb fuck lie about her being in love with my girlfriend! Are you really in love with my girl?” Liam asked, standing there outside the cupboard, fist tight and looking like he would punch the living daylights out of me.

“Chill. I just said that to keep your slimy tongue out of my mouth, k? Relax man” I replied, snickering as he sighed and rubbed his head, sitting back down.

“WHAT? So you mean, you guys didn’t kiss?” Nicolette said, looking very disappointed.

“Honey, you wanna take his place? I’ll do you any day” I grinned and winked.

“Fuck off!” she said, half laughing, turning a faint flush of pink.

“Next Please” The no-nonsense Sarah said immediately, drawing everyone’s attention back to the game.

Lily reached out and spun the bottle and the game of Truth or Dare continued.

It was a known fact that I was gay, and uninterested in anything that didn’t have boobs. My eyes travelled across the room vaguely, taking in people, leaving a lingering look on a girl or two which I might want to take aside and have a word with later, but at the heart of it all, these looks and actions of mine were just to distract me from laying my eyes on my real target of interest, Sarah, the one person in the room that I knew I couldn’t have.  Not only was Sa my best friend, she was my very straight best friend. URrgghh.

Sarah was witty, intelligent and a socialite . She was constantly surrounded by people hence this party at her place for her 25th birthday, and she was, or as far as I could tell, straight. But no matter how I tried to ignore it, she just has this pull that made me want to take her into that closet and ravish her.

But I loved her and respected her too much to do something that would fuck a lot of things up; putting my hands on her, or even appearing to be interested would certainly get me one ticket to “kicked-out-of-her-life”zone.

So I bid my time, and wondered what the fuck I was going to do with my life if I never got a chance to make out with Sa. Even. Just. ONCE. FUCK.

The game ended close to ten, and everyone started to pack up and head home. The food was gone and the drinks drunk… Sa’s 25th Birthday party was a success. It was kind of childish to still be playing this sort of game at our age, but if we didn’t entertain ourselves after juggling Degree lectures and internships, what else was there to do? Plus, it was held at Sa’s luxurious Condo and it was Sa’s favourite game, so no complaints from anyone.

I lingered in the kitchen while Sa showed out that last of the guests. I heard the door close and came out with two glasses of wine, handing her one.

“Happy 25th birthday” I smiled. She took the glass gratefully and ran a hand through her messy curls, looking around at the mess her house was in.

“I can’t believe you told Liam you were in love with his girlfriend. He looked like he was going to kill you!” She said, turning to me smiling.

I grinned “Anything to avoid kissing that slob”.

Sa sighed and walked past me into the kitchen “Yeah and it’s good you didn’t, I hear Lily has a mean temper. Oh God, I’m beat. I’m not dealing with what’s out there. Are you sleeping over again? I’m sorry…the couch….” Sa said as she poured herself another glass.

“So you’ll let me into your bed, finally?” I grinned, reached around her for the bottle, just so I could brush up against her body, and poured myself another glass as well.

Sa flashed me a smile that temporarily stopped my heart and downed the second glass, then sighed, and went over to wash the glass, and the dishes that were left piling in the sink.

“Go have a bath first, you know how I take hours. The towels are in the usual place” she said, leaving me no option but to do as she suggested…after I took a long look at that ass leaning over the dishes.

I pulled on a shirt from within her closet after my bath. She was two sizes bigger than me, especially in the chest department, so anything she wore hung off me nicely, just the way I liked it. I left my own clothes in a pile at the door as usual, loving it when she pouted at me and told me exactly how to take myself, and my clothes, to the washing machine, and how I could leave both myself and my clothes there, permanently.

I grinned, and pounced on her bed, sinking my face into her sheets and inhaling her rich spring-fresh perfume. I actually bought the exact same perfume she used and sprayed it all over my bed once, but it wasn’t the same; obviously there is an extra scent that only she could create, that made it so addictive.

As I lay there, fingering her sheets, a thought came to mind.

I smiled. Perhaps I’d get lucky tonight, without ruining our friendship. Deep inside I new this was a step towards the dark side…but we had been friends for 12 years, and if I didn’t try to find out if there was more to this than just toe nail painting and gossip, I was going to go crazy.

While Sa bathed, I took out the gin and mixed it into a half-empty bottle of wine. I took two glasses and put the bottle and glasses on the bedside table, then picked up a book, to look studious, and not blatantly waiting for her to come in.

I got fidgety after 30 minutes and got up to put on some music. ‘The Weekend’ was left on the dresser table idly without it’s case, so I popped it into the stereo and pull ‘Hill’ on repeat.

I passed by her full length mirror. Catching a sight of long tanned legs beneath a large white full-sleeved blouse, a narrow jaw line and brown eyes hidden by messy black bangs, I ran a hand through my hair, to make the short waves more tamed, then gave up and proceeded on to Sa’s bed. I picked up the book again and tried to keep my eyes open enough to look like I was reading.

Sa sashayed in fifteen minutes later, drying her hair. She was fully clothed as always in her long night gown and night robe. Sometimes I pondered over the thought of what she would choose if I burned all her nightgowns and night robes.

“Tired?” she asked, putting her towel on the towel rack and sitting down on the edge of the bed, touching me gently on the ankle.

“I haven’t given you your b-day present yet” I grinned, putting the book down.

“Oh yes! Can I have it now?” She smiled, clapping her hands together.

“First, a game of truth and dare” I grinned, opening up the bottle and pouring some into the two glasses.

“What? But there’s just us two, and we just played that. Chris…come on…” Sa said.

I handed her the glass and drank mine down, licking my lips. I knew Sa. She was so easily led by me. I knew she’d do it.

“Ok, truth or dare?” I grinned, watching Sa as she ran a finger along the rim of her glass uncertainly.

“Truth” She said, her large brown eyes looking at me warily, wondering what I was up to.

“Would you, or would you not sleep with Liam?” I grinned.

“WHAT? I would not! He’s got a girlfriend~!” Sa laughed, hitting me on the leg “ My turn, would you sleep with Nicolette?” She grinned.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I would” I said, feeling cocky.

“Oh good, I can tell her than” Sa said and made a move to get up.

“No you won’t!” I laughed and pulled her back down, her drink sloshing over and staining her night gown “Oh gosh, sorry~!” I said and put my glass down, then leaned over as Sa struggled with her night robe and helped her hold her glass, while she shrugged it off.

“Ok, no calling girls who are desperately in love with you, to tell them that you’re interested” Sa grinned, as she shrugged the bathrobe off and left it hanging off the edge of the bed post.

Where the alcohol soaked into her clothing I could see the gentle rise of her breasts. The soft curves dipping just so, creating the most tempting valley.

I wrenched my eyes away from her cleavage when she reached out and accept the glass back from me.

Half an hour later, and getting her to drink a considerable amount of the bottle, I had just dared her to take off her bra without taking off her nightgown, perform a very silly dance, standing on three books, which was, in her drunken state, incredibly sensuous and seductive, and finally, with nothing on but her night gown I had her sitting on my lap. She giggled as she played with my hair.

She seemed reasonably drunk now. Would it matter, very much, if I just had a little taste, of those succulent lips?

I placed my left hand on her back, rubbing the dip just above her buttocks as my other hand tangled itself in her hair.

“Chris, you’re such a player” She suddenly said.

I paused, my hands halfway up her dress. Shit. Was she not drunk enough yet?

“I thought…I thought you liked me… the way you acted sometimes.. but the truth is….the truth is….you liked Miranda, and Lin, and Fiona… and now Nicolette….I don’t know why….why…” She said, tears suddenly rolling down her cheeks.

I took my hand from her hair, and wiped her tears away with my thumb.

“Don’t cry Sa. You know I’m here for you. Do you…have feelings…for me?” I asked softly.

She suddenly hugged me and buried her face against my neck.

“Fuck. Oh My God…you mean all these years, you’ve liked me too?” I exclaimed.

I waited a few moments in baited breath, waiting for an answer that I had hoped to hear for so long.

A soft snore, like the purr of a cat, rumbled from her against my shoulder and broke the silence.

I growled, and pushed her down, getting on top of her. I looked at her reclined, sleeping form. Her lips… her face, her closed eyes… She was completely at peace. I ran a hand over one of her nipples, so tempted to find out what it tasted like, but then I sighed and eased down against her, bringing her close. She snuggled up next to me, a leg thrown over me like she would her bolster. I smiled. I always envied her bolster.

I sighed as she softly said my name in her sleep, and hugged her closer. I could see I had twelve years of misunderstandings to unravel before me. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes.


Thank you so much for reading this chapter of Truth or Dare~! Let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to read more in the comment section below~! 🙂

Chapter 2 


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