Truth or Dare 2

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

I wrote this story a few years back when I was still exploring my sexuality. This is an M18 story and set in present day between two working adults, who were friends until an incident with a game of “Truth or Dare” turned them into something else altogether.

If you enjoy the story, please let me know by leaving a like or a comment below, and I’ll be sure to continue it.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.

Chapter 2:

She loves me, She loves me Not

~POV of Sage~

The way she sits… walks… smiles. It all sends thrills up my spine. I know I shouldn’t be attracted to her, because I’m a girl, and based on my culture….

“It’s not that you need to understand the game play. It’s just go to town and fucking collect! It’s that easssssy. I can’t believe that noooob…..some dumb-fuck of a blond-

I bit my lip as I listened to Gwen going on and on about her latest MPG to Laiya. It’s not that I didn’t play games or didn’t know what she was going on about. It’s just that, when I looked at her…I had no words….They just skittered from my brain and I felt I’d be the noob, flailing about in a half-baked conversation.

“Hey, Sage, you ok?” Crystal asked, tugging my sleeve.

I snapped back into focus and smiled. “Yup, I’m cool. Actually, I think I’m gonna go to the toilet. Brb” I replied and got up, flashing a smile in Laiya and Gwen’s direction as they acknowledged me for a moment, then returned back to their conversation.

Brisk steps took me from Anston’s, our favourite fast food hangout, to the public bathroom, where I headed straight for the sink and turned the tap on. I splashed water on my face, taking in deep breaths then sighing. I looked up at myself. 18, Dark skin, pudgy round cheeks and dark brown hair that’s been bleached at the ends. Yes, if I straighten up I’d see my curves and bust, which has drawn many comments of being “voluptuous” or “curvy” from friends and previous loves, but…

I splashed my face again and sighed. Gwen’s type was slender fair-skinned girls with short-cropped hair, like those in her PS3 games; feminine and strong, beautiful and fit. A far cry from…. Me.

I sighed again, straightening up and turned around. I can a hand through my curly locks and tried to compose myself.

Just as I was about to make a move towards one of the cubicles but I halted as the door sprang open and my eyes grew wide. Of all the people to bump into… my ex was here right now in this bathroom? Out of all the hundreds of bathrooms in this mall… was she stalking me again…

“Sage?” The tall tanned slender girl who had just walked in said, hand on the wall, smiling cockily at me. Case; my first girlfriend and first nightmare.

“Whhhaat?” I said, brushing past her to select a cubical.

“Day-Dreaming again I see. Another failed love affair?” I heard Case ask behind me.

“What the…you’re the fucker who cheated on me. What the hell are you talking about?” I asked, pushing open a door and walking in.

A hand stopped it from closing half way, and Case pushed her way in, slamming the door shut and leaning on it, trapping me inside with her.

“Can you get the fuck out of my face?” I growled.

“Awe~ What happened to the time when you were so willing, so eager? So-“

“Stupid? I don’t know, maybe something clicked after you dumped me, turned up with three other girls in the subsequent weeks, and then made sure I knew it by plastering their faces all over facebook. What the hell do you want?” I snapped.

“You” She said and suddenly moved close to me, her hand reaching out to touch my face.

I might not be strong, but I am quick. I side stepped her and tripped her up, so she ended up siting down hard on the toilet seat while I yanked open the door and made a run for it.

“You know you still want me~!” I heard her say as I yanked open the main door and dashed out –

And straight into Gwen.

“OPHHff~! FUCK~! WATCH WHERE THE FUCK YOU’RE GOING~!” Gwen bellowed, shoving me off her. Then she pause, recognising me “Oh fuck, err…sorry” she said, reaching out for a second, then re-tracking her hand, looking kind of lost at what to do.

I half-smiled and shrugged “Sorry, umm, I was err…in a rush to get back to you guys” I said, then realised immediately that I sounded lame. I felt my face getting warm.

“Sage, you ok?”

I looked around to find Crystal bouncing up to us, with Laiya in tow.

“You guys finished eating already?” I asked Crystal as Gwen brushed passed me and went into the bathroom.

“Well you were done, like an hour ago, and Gwen finally finished her hot dog~” Laiya grinned “Wanna go to the arcade with Crystal first? Gwen and I will meet you there”

“Yes~! Let’s go let’s go~!” Crystal grinned, grabbing my wrist and tugging me along.

“Errr… ok~ I don’t have a choice do I?” I laughed.


A few arcade games, some ice cream, followed by a movie, and then a late night caramel coffee and we all headed to the train station, done for the day. We hugged and said our goodbyes, and secretly I couldn’t help but admit that I relished Gwen’s hug the most, even though it was a half-arm-hug and brief, about as much bodily-contact as a hand-shake.

I sat on the train, relishing the lingering feeling of Gwen’s touch, and wondering whether someone as gorgeous and intriguing as her could ever find me attractive. I mean I could fuss and swear just as ferociously as Gwen, but I’m pretty reserved, and it takes time for me to get comfortable with people, before I act as expressive as she does.

My phone buzzed. I picked it up. Gwen was calling.

I blinked, and then answered it.

“H-Heyy..” I said, trying to put on my cool and collective face “ What’s up, Hon?” Epic fail.

“Eh? Hon? Right… I’m actually walking towards you. BOO!” Gwen said and all of a sudden she was standing in front of me, grinning from ear to ear.

My heart skipped a beat. I blinked, and tried to say hi. Like in a cool way? Another Epic fail. My throat was NOT CO-OPERATING!!!

“Hey” I said and swallowed as she sat next to me, looking as comfortable in her skin as though she owned the very train we were on. She sank lower on the chair, a leg up on the seat, the other one stretched out, looking like she was the feature model of Vogue – Gamer Addition, if they ever published one.

“Where do you live?” She asked as her hands pulled out her PSP from her pocket. Her eyes remained focused on her PSP once her favourite mortal combat game was activated.

“E-East really. You?” I asked, my fingers fiddling with my silent phone, wondering whether I should play one of the games…but that would be so uncool. I mean seriously, ‘Jumping dragons’? or ‘build a café’ ? That’s just embarrassing, next to her.

“A few stops down. Hey, you wanna get a midnight snack?” She grinned, looking up at me through her long black bangs. She suddenly pushed up her sunglasses which she wore like a hair band, which pushed back her hair and gave her the sexiest side profile I had ever seen of her, so close. I felt like I was going to have a nosebleed.

“Sure~” I smiled, looking away to save myself from total embarrassment. I raised my hand cautiously to my lips, hoping there wasn’t any drool there. Safe.

From the corner of my eye, I watched as her shirt gathered around her slender hips and her jeans, rippled in places, hugged her body like a second skin. I bit my lip.

“Macs? Or do you wanna eat Ramen? I know this awesome place near my house” Gwen was saying as her fingers worked industriously on her PSP, killing some unfortunate creature.

“Err…anything” I replied, deciding to put my phone into my bag and pull out a book to fiddle with instead.

She stretched, adjusted her position, sitting unreasonably closer to me all of a sudden.

“Gwen…you’re…” I was about to say, too close, but a look in her dark coal-black eyes made the words still on my lips. Her eyes confused me. What did that look mean?

“You decide. They are so close to my house, I eat there all the time” Gwen smiled a half-smile, which made my insides turn liquid.

“R-R-“ I said and gulped, then tried again “ Ra-“

“Oh~!” Gwen suddenly said, her arm suddenly moving slightly to the side, brushing against my left breast, making my eyes go wide like saucers for a moment “Let’s eat at this food centre nearby; I absolutely love the roast duck rice there!” She grinned, leaning into me “Ok?”

I nodded, beyond the ability of speech. ‘Too close too close’ was all I could think. It’s not that I didn’t want her close, but being an introvert, her sudden inclusion within my personal space was daunting and uncomfortable. I wanted to push her away, so I could breathe again, but I wanted to pull her close, and kiss her endlessly as well.

I chose not to move and hoped she moved away on her own, before either action took place.

Gwen eased back into her previous position, but definitely a tad closer. I shifted slightly to my right, but I was sitting right against the glass wall at the last seat. There wasn’t anywhere I could shift further to.

I bit my lip and decided maybe the problem wasn’t that she wasn’t into me. Maybe it was that I just wasn’t trying hard enough. I should start a conversation, any kind of conversation, you know, to get to know her? And also, even if we just remained friends, it’s better than this awkwardness…right?

I turned to say something, when Gwen suddenly put her arm around my shoulders and leaned into me, her whole body resting against my left arm.

My eyes couldn’t get any wider.

The PSP Screen flickered before me as Gwen held it up with her other hand. Then the arm around me reached over and held the controls, thus encircling me in her arms.

“Look at her! It’s she amazing? I fucking love this character” Gwen began, playing the game as she held me close to her “I paid through my ASS, using my last two month’s salary for this game. You’ve gotta admit, it’s awesome right?” She said. I could literally see the grin in her voice even though due to the position I couldn’t see her face/

“Y-Yeah… it’s cool” I smiled “I’ve never tried a PSP before” I lied. Ok, I have tried it before, but it was about three years ago, and I played this cute bouncy-ball game on Crystal’s PSP, which was nothing compared to this awesomeness, with guns and monsters and amazing effects.

“ What? That’s fuckin’ retarded! Where have you been living all these years?” She laughed and released the controller, to take my hand and tuck the PSP into it “ Come on, try it. This game is THE BEST.” She said.

I took the PSP in both hands and tried it. It WAS awesome. I found myself laughing and giggling as Gwen kept egging me on to the next level, and telling me how to defeat this and that, as she continued to lean against me, her wry frame and her arm around my shoulders becoming more and more acceptable to my personal space.

“Ah~! The stop~!” Gwen said suddenly and got up, holding out her hand for the PSP.

I held it out for her, but she laughed and took my other hand instead “ You hold onto that for a while” She grinned and dragged me along out of the train and towards the control station. I held the PSP protectively to my chest, trying desperately to digest what was happening, but failing miserably. Did this mean something? Or was I reading the signs wrong…


Gwen took me to a quiet outdoor food court. She helped me buy a plate of duck rice while she bought herself a plate of just the duck meat, which she wolfed down like she hadn’t eaten for days. While we were eating, an uncle who went around asking people if they wanted to buy drinks came by, and Gwen ordered a beer, and then a sugar cane drink for me, when I declined a beer.

“WTF. How can you not like beer?” She asked, raising an eyebrow as she speared a piece of meat.

“I…err…I gas…” I said, then wished I could take that back~! Like WTF? I GAS? I do not fucking GAS when I drink BEER!?!?!??? What they hell is wrong with my lips today?

“You whaaattt???” She said and laughed “ Oh God. Okkaay~” she grinned, sneaking a cucumber from my plate.

The drinks came and I slurped mine as Gwen went in detail of the last few games she’s been addicted to. I wasn’t one to talk a lot normally, so having her rant on wasn’t a bother to me. It made me smile, being able to download so much about her, without being put out of my comfort zone.

“What about if I mixed some of this into your juice?” Gwen grinned, then without asking my permission, she poured a shit load of her beer into my glass.

“What the hell?” I laughed.

“I dare you to fucking drink that whole thing” Gwen grinned, her eyes dancing in the florescent lights of the food centre ” I’ll give you a tenner if you down it right now”

I sucked in my breath, then smiled “Alright, alright” I grinned and chugged it down. I pride myself for having a high threshold for alcohol, so it didn’t faze me to drink it. I put down the glass and grinned, not feeling the least bit tipsy.

Gwen eyed me silently, a half smile on her face, then she raised her hand up, the drinks-uncle came tottering over again.

“Give me two more rounds” she said, indicating her beer bottle, then she winked at me as the uncle nodded and ambled off “Let’s have a drinking contest”

“What? We’re girls, it’s fucking late. I should get home soon and you should too. I don’t wanna stay out here and watch you get raped” I grinned, eyeing her slender frame on purpose.

“What? You’re gonna leave me out here, all alone?” She said, looking at me with the cutest most puppy-ish expression I had ever seen which totally threw me off! I’d never seen something so adorable on her face! It was always either cool, or dispassionate, or slightly amused. This was, NEW. And YUMMY.

“I-I g-guess a f-few rounds are ok” I smiled sheepishly, turning my attention back to my half-eaten meal.

She laughed “Well look, you’ve got food, you don’t have to worry, it’s not like you’ll get drunk or anything” she grinned, suddenly shifting her chair a tad bit closer.

I frowned, but before I could mention the sudden invasion of space again, the beer came, and she was all about popping open the tops and pouring it into my glass, telling me to forget the food and drink the stuff.


A few blurry hours… or was it minutes? …. Later, Gwen was towing me towards her neighbourhood.

“I live over there, that house” She grinned. She looked like she had stars in her eyes. Or was it that blurry queasy feeling I was having?

“My parents are asleep. Wanna come up?” She smiled.

I shook my head and thought that I took a step back, but Instead I walked closer into her, and she caught me as I stumbled, her arm coming around to hold my waist.

We were at a park just across from her house. There were mini gazebos everywhere. She pulled me over to one which was covered in creepers and half-consumed by a large low shrub-like tree that had grown around it, making it half-hidden in undergrowth and foliage.

She was quiet as she pulled me in after her, pushing me up to sit on a low round-topped marble-and-stone table.

Suddenly her hands were roaming all over my body. I bit my lip. I wasn’t getting this. I couldn’t download the situation fast enough. It was far too overwhelming for me.

Her hands caressed my breasts, and then they went up my shirt.

A light flared on in my head, and I reached down and pulled her hands out, trying to look at her, and get her to look at me.

“Gwen…what are you doing? Gwen…” I said, but I had no idea whether I was saying it right.

She let out a massive sigh, and leaned into me, her arms pulling me close, her hands running down my back, to rest tentatively on my hips.

I pushed her away then.

She stumbled back and looked at me, entirely confused and bewildered. Then she came at me, pinning my hands to the table with her own, her lips next to my ear, telling me things I couldn’t comprehend, making me feel things I couldn’t understand.

However getting away from Gwen seemed as likely as getting away from a bear; for a slender person, she was much stronger than I realised. It didn’t even seem like it took much effort for her, to pin my hands down. So I did the only thing I could think of. I stopped reacting.

Locked in a power struggle, I refused to move, and became entirely cold. I didn’t bite my lip, though I wanted to. I didn’t struggle, though I felt like it. I just sat there, on that table-top and looked away from her.

She let me go.

I rubbed my hands and spat out “ Don’t ever touch me again, when I don’t want you to”, then immediately regretted it. That’s not what I meant to say. But…but seriously! What the hell did she want from me? If she wanted this, there as a better way to do it.

She straightened up, a half-smile lingering on her face. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in broken toys” she replied icily, and left me there, in shock and silence.

Suddenly I thought about the bathroom. About how she must have seen and made a connection between me and my ex; who had probably come stumbled out of the rest room just as I had fled. About how, she must be thinking…. that I’m some kind of slut.

I hugging my legs to my body, and silently cried as I listened to her footsteps, crunch away into the night.


Thank you so much for reading this chapter of Truth or Dare~! Getting a lil emotional.. I know…

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