Truth or Dare: Things Happened

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

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Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.

Chapter 3: Things Happened

~POV of Sarah~

I shifted, throwing my arm as always across my bolster, wanting more sleep and more cuddling with my favourite pillow even though I knew I had to get up in five minutes or I’d be late for lecture. The alarm clock had gone off at least three times by now, so I was certain it was around 8:30 am, and my class was at 10:00am, giving me thirty minutes to bath, change and eat something light before dashing out.

My arm collided with something distinctly un-bolster like. I ran my fingers up and down it. Was that an arm?

My sleep-encrusted eyes shot open immediately. I rubbed them to dislodge the flakes and stared at the intruder in my bed.


I got up immediately, almost falling off the bed in my rush. I slowed myself down, telling myself not to wake up the sleeping beauty. I quietly walked over to the towel rack, picked up my fallen robe and bra, and tried to fit the pieces together. Did we do anything last night? What in the world happened last night that to led us to this point?

I gathered my towel and a few toiletries, and headed for the bathroom, taking a slow hot shower while I continued to put two and two together.

The party…the mess…me telling her she could stay over….

And then it all came back to me. Her dares, her taunts, the alcohol…and finally, me blurting out what I had been holding back for years~! However I couldn’t remember anything else beyond that. I didn’t know whether or not she felt the same way… did we…do anything?

I quickly finished my shower and dressed for school in a soft floral sun dress and beige stockings. I made a pancakes, with the left over batter from yesterday’s breakfast, and left a plate of it under a dish cover, with orange juice by its side and an extra key, knowing how Chris slept like the dead until noon. She’d probably totter off home while I was half-way through lecture.

I grabbed my books and bag from my living room sofa amidst the mess and clutter of last night’s entertainment, and peeked into my bedroom one last time, to find Chris sprawled out across the bed, looking like she wasn’t going to move for the next century.

I smiled and left, closing all the windows and turning on the air-conditioning before locking up and heading off to school.


–  4:30 –

I opened the door to my apartment, yawning. Lecture had been dull. Tutorial hadn’t made things much better.

I closed the door and walked down the corridor, taking off my shoes and placing them on the shoe rack. I entered my living room, and froze, looking around in suprise. The place was spotless~! Everything had been cleaned up as if there hadn’t been a party here the night before. I blinked. Who in the world?

Then I smelt something delicious wafting through the house. I followed that scent into the kitchen, where I found none other than Chris turning over two large beef patties onto two set plates of crispy fried potatoes and a side serving of salad.

“C-Chris? Shouldn’t you be at the restaurant?” I asked, passing by the kitchen to go to my room and put my bag down.

“What? Not even a hello? Just gonna drill me for skipping again?” Chris laughed, putting down the skillet and bustling about, getting glasses and pulling out a bottle of wine from my fridge.

“Honey, it’s your internship. I don’t know what you want to do with your life, but it can’t be skipping and retaking culinary school!” I exclaimed as I began to strip and throw my clothes in the laundry basket at the corner of my room.

Footsteps made me scramble for my towel, but I wasn’t fast enough and Chris came in as I was butt-naked, reaching for it.

“A little privacy?” I asked, letting my mouth belie my amusement by smiling a bit.

Chris didn’t seem to have heard. In fact, she didn’t seem to comprehend the concept of personal space anymore. I suddenly found myself backed up against the bed, her hand resting almost possessively on my hip as I clutched onto the towel, holding it like a shield between the two of us.

Chris’ head dipped down. She held me close, hugging my body to her gently as though I was something incredibly precious. Then her leg came up between mine, and I felt my eyes grow wide, panic rising up like an ignited fuse.

“Chris~!” I exclaimed but the words were stilled as her teeth grazed my skin, her hands roamed my back, as though trying to hold all of me all at once.

I couldn’t help myself. I let out a soft moan as I felt myself being pushed back gently, the towel plucked from my fingers and ended up on the floor as Chris proceeded to take its place, covering my body with her hot, aroused self.

Chris pulled off the black tank top she had been wearing, her eyes locked with mine the entire time. I felt myself blushing and looked away, biting my lip. Were we really going to do this?

Chris took my hands and put them on her belt buckle. I looked up at her, and she looked at me predatorily, commanding me to undress her. I flicked the buckle of the belt open and pulled it off to let it fall from my hand and settle next to the towel while Chris leaned in, an arm above my head, kissing me, as I unzipped her pants and pulled them down.

“Tell me you want this Baby. Tell me you want me, want this” she purred into my ear.

I bite my lip. Opened my mouth…getting the courage…

“All night, I’ll make up for the last ten years of not knowing your touch, your feel, your love” she grinned.

‘Ten years? Why is she mentioning that. Wait….is she serious? Oh God. WAIT. WAAAAAITT A MINUTE. WHAT IN TH WORLD, AM I DOING?’ my mind suddenly shrieked.

I sat up abruptly, knocking Chris back just as she was about to touch my stomach.

“Oh My God. YOU. Stay AWAY from me. I thought we were friends! Why would you do something like this to me?” I gasped, scrambling off the bed and grabbing my towel “I mean seriously? Just cause I told you how I feel, you suddenly have a right to mess me up? I mean really… is that all love and relationships is to you? Physical Touch?” I snapped at her has I wrapped the towel around my body firmly.

Chris sat up, looking at me with expressionless eyes. She said nothing as I stood there, trembling with rage.

I bit my lip and backed up, shaking my head.

“You know what, just get out. Thanks for the help, and the lunch, but…just go” I said and left the room, storming straight into the bathroom and slamming the door behind me.

“Sa! Sa it’s not like that! Sa, please, come back. Err… let’s talk” I heard Chris exclaim from the other side of the door.


I turned on the shower and let the sound drown out Chris’ voice, as well as her furious banging against my bathroom door.

I heard her frustrated sighs like a dream, her pacing, her pleading, and finally, just as I finished my shower and decided maybe I was being a bit harsh, I heard the front door slam shut.

I leaned against the door frame and sighed. Rubbing my forehead, I walked into the kitchen. Two neatly served plates of my favorite dish were set side by side on the counter, with two glasses and an uncorked bottle of wine.

“She cleaned the house…she never cleans the house…and when was the last time she cooked for me…?” I murmured to myself.

“ARGH~! Forget it~!” I exclaimed and went to my room, slinging my towel onto the towel rack and crawling into my bed, trying to hide away from everything.

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