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My darling was once bombarded by several letters from reader’s digest sometime last year and came to me asking for advice; should she ignore them or actually pay for this magazine that she’ll probably never read??? – thinking that I would agree with her wholeheartedly she was suprised her me as I immediately begged her to pay for a subscription as I love Reader’s Digest!

When i was a child my parents had rows and rows of issues neatly collected, and I would always sit by the window and read them. Too me the issues are like mind-candy-monsters; each one unique, eye-catching and curious creatures with shiny covers and soft papers within.

Sad to say this year we aren’t able to aford to pay for following subscriptions, but it was lovely while it lasted~! I’m savouring the last copy that i’ll be getting… maybe will draw a few more sketches from it.


#thingsimgratefulfor #readersdigest #love


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