Truth or Dare: Fighting One’s Feelings

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

I wrote this story a few years back when I was still exploring my sexuality. This is an M18 story and set in present day between two working adults, who were friends until an incident with a game of “Truth or Dare” turned them into something else altogether.

If you enjoy the story, please let me know by leaving a like or a comment below, and I’ll be sure to continue it.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.

Chapter 6: Fighting One’s Feelings

~POV of Chris~

I cracked an eye open, then another. I was alone on the sofa. I put my head back down and sighed. She had left.

I got up, stumbled towards the bathroom and stripped, turning on the shower to let it flow hot and steaming all over my body.

I smiled wryly to myself. This was not looking good. If she went home after that, knowing Sa, that basically meant *end of conversation*. She wasn’t having this. Having me.

I dressed and went for my Tae Kwon Do class. I was a part-time Tae Kwon Do instructor at a local community centre.  The kids were ranging from seven, to seventeen. My favorite pupil, Gwen, was right on time as always. She was a remarkably swift learner and had an even quicker tongue. She reminded me of a younger version of myself at times… or maybe I was taking too much pride from having trained her for the last three years or so.

“Hey Teach~!” Gwen said as I came into the studio.

“Hey G. What’s up?” I grinned and fuzzed her hair.

Gwen grimaced and whacked my hand away “This girl. I don’t know. I made a mistake. I like, touched her and shit and she basically freaked out on me. Now I’m like…fuck…I don’t want her to get the wrong idea about me, you know? It’s not like I’m into her or anything”

“Eh? You felt up a girl who you don’t like… for kicks? Man, are you stupid? Do you want a truck load of drama on your hands?” I snapped, rolling my eyes.

“No offense Teach, but with your track record, that coming from you sounds like a load of bull” Gwen snapped back as she tied on her black belt.

“No, that’s a load of experience. Trust me, cut it off with her and leave her alone. Don’t make her life any harder than it already is you twerp” I replied then smiled “as you said, you’re not into her or anything”

Gwen grinned but said nothing, and then she frowned. I decided not to get any further involved. Somethings only get learnt through time and experience.

‘Like me. Damn it.’ I thought to myself ‘Sa actually left? I mean… she does like me, right? Was I that horrid?’ Or maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions again…

I shook my head as I tightened my belt and put my focus back on the class at hand. Sa and the feelings associate with her, I’d deal with later.

Gwen and I spared for a bit as usual while the others did their warm ups. I corrected a few mistakes in her stance and posture and then let her pair off with the other black belt in my class while I began drills with the rest.

It was always refreshing to start the week with my martial arts practice. It was the one thing that cleared my mind and senses of all the negative baggage of the week, and got me thinking in a more positive direction to face the future. Surrounded by a bunch of eager learners was also a humongous ego boost; at least here is a bunch of people who don’t think I’m a flirt and a cad and are actually willing to look up to me and respect me.

After class I headed back to my apartment, which was only a few blocks away, to change and get ready for my shift at the restaurant. I dressed and headed out, the restaurant only being a street away in a cozy nook in the richer part of town.

“Hey Chris! Looking good today~ how was class?” Simon, the restaurant’s Barista said as he carried a crate of oranges in from the fruits truck that was stationed out back behind the restaurant.

“Good. I’ll head in and get to work before Chef gives me an earful about yesterday” I grinned and entered the restaurant.

“Chris! You ready to put a day’s worth of work in today?” Danni bellowed from across the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed an apron hanging from the supplies cabinet – I always forgot my own.

I headed over to the meats section, which was where I was posted. I washed my hands before I grabbed a pair of disposable gloves as I surveyed the stainless steel tins of beef and mutton. I was much better at deserts than anything else, but that was also exactly why I didn’t want to work with them at the restaurant – I wanted my deserts to be something I made entirely for leisure.

The restaurant opened at three in the afternoon for high tea, and continued into the evening for dinner, and late at night until about 4 am when it closed. This was entirely because Chef is such a night owl, so her restaurant hours catered to her. It was also the allure of the restaurant – fine dining long past midnight

I usually came in around twelve or one, to season and marinate the meats, followed by assisting with the preparation of the main courses and left around eight or nine as the supper kitchen closed at ten and the midnight-snack staff came in at ten. For me, the work hours were good and kept me active and interested in my chosen profession, even if in the long run, I wanted to open my own Bakery.

“The Bakery….” I muttered to myself as I plunged my gloved hands into a pound of sliced beef. I suddenly remembered how the only one I’ve told about that would be Sa. And Sa left me.

“FUCK~!” I exclaimed. Then blinked and looked around.

The crew stared at me like a bunch of startled fawns, then scurried away, minding their own business.

“Damn it…” I groaned as I heard the large braced footsteps of Danni approaching and decided that I needed to spend a bit more time at my martial arts class from now on, obviously that morning’s training hadn’t allowed me to get rid of enough nasty emotions.


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