Truth or Dare: How do I Get over Her?

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

There are a lot of part of this story that will get pretty risque… but then again, life is risque. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the story nevertheless~! 

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.

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Chapter 4: How do I get over her?

~ POV of Sage~

“So you see what I mean? It’s not that I wanted to do this to myself, it’s just that…Gwen…” I began as I pace up and down the room.

Crystal rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at me, which I narrowly missed.

“So Gwen isn’t into you. GET OVER IT! LIKE NOW! Before my ears explode rather horribly” Crystal replied and got off my bed.

“Sage I love you as a friend, but I’m going home. This has been fun, but spending hours just talking to you about how badly you feel about your almost-but-not-really relationship with Gwen sucks. Big time. So either –“ Crystal said as she opened the door to my bedroom, “You move on, or I’m going to buy ear plugs the next time I come over!”She exclaimed in frustration “Bye!” she added and left.

I groaned and sank down onto my bed. It’s not that I didn’t want to move on. It’s just that, I didn’t know how to. How do you move on? I was still attracted to her.

“Sage! SAGE~!” My mother called from down stairs.

“Yes mom?” I replied and went down, still thinking of Gwen.

My mother was holding on to my older brother’s acoustic guitar which he had abandoned in the garage after he got his very first fender, which he nicknamed ‘The Wonder’.

“You still want it? ‘Cause Grag was eyeing it when he came over and asked if he could buy it off you” Mom said.

“I still haven’t signed up for lessons” I sighed as I took the instrument from her.

“Well get around to it. This thing is just sitting around here gathering dust” Mom replied and walked off to the kitchen.

I went back to my room and placed the guitar in a corner where it was snug between a shelf and a stack of comic books.

I flopped onto my bed and pulled my laptop onto me belly and turned it on. Once it loaded I surfed the web for the nearest music centres to my house. Two of them were only a few blocks away from my house and offered very attractive rates. I sighed and jotted them down. I decided to check out these places immediately as I needed something to distract me from my raging hormones and thinking of Gwen.

I grabbed my stuff and went down to the garage with my guitar and rummaged around for its carrier bag.  Once I found the bag I packed in the guitar and slung it onto my back and stopped by the kitchen.

“There are two music centres down the road, I want to check them out ” I told my mom, who was busy making something that looked like a cake.

My mom took some money from her bag and told me to sign up immediately if I liked the place and instructor.

“Anything to get you out of the house honey, you’re always brooding around in your room these days!” she smiled and patted me like she did Felix, our black and white cat, who purred and rubbed itself against my leg before passing through the kitchen and out into the backyard.

“Mom, I’m not Felix” I grumbled “Bye !” I said and headed out.

I checked out both centres and found that the people there were really nice, but I choose the first centre I went to as it was nearer and was situated in this old brick building which felt so rustic and lived in that I imagined the walls were infused with music.

I was so eager to start class that I signed up on the spot and went through lesson 1, and then went straight home and started on my homework.

Once my homework was done, my mind began to wander again and I started to sketch Gwen. She didn’t come out right so I sketched her again, and again, until I got tired and decided to sketch something else, which turned out to be Gwen again.

I sketched until I fell asleep on my table, and my mom woke me up for dinner. After dinner I crawled into bed and had a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 5 


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