Truth or Dare: Rejection is a B*tch

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: R21 {Explcit Sexual Scenes} 

There are a lot of part of this story that will get pretty risque… but then again, life is risque. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the story nevertheless~! 

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.

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Chapter 5: Rejection is a Bitch

~POV of Chris~

I flung down the kitchen towel and carried out the two plates of tomato-based pasta with thyme garnish out to the restaurant floor. Slamming them down onto table number four, causing the guests jumped in their seats and stare at me in horror,  I stormed back into the kitchen, rattling about pots and pans as I prepared the next ordered dish.

A large red meaty hand clamped down on my shoulder and turned me around abruptly, as I grabbed the pepper grinder. My Danni, Chef-in-Charge glared at me solidly, looking like she was ready to throw me out. I didn’t give a fuck, shrugging her off and reaching for the skillet.

“That’s enough! You’re about to scare away all our customers, and most of the new staff! If you weren’t my sister, I’d have kicked you to the curb by now. What is the matter with you?” Danni snapped, shaking me a bit.

I shrugged her off and grunted, returning to the dish at hand.

“No you don’t!” Danni said and called one of the other interns over “Tortellini with cream cheese mushroom and chicken, and the baked potato” she said, snapping out orders.

The intern immediately stepped in and relieved my hands of the dishes I had been holding.

Danni then grabbed my elbow and muscled me out of the kitchen, dragging me to the back alley and letting go of my arm there. She stood in front of the door to the restaurant like a guard dog, glaring me down as I glared right back at her.

“Talk. Or I’ll send you the home.” She growled. Danni was an immense woman, with a large meaty body and spiky red hair that looked startling against her pale skin. There was no way of getting around her when she was determined to get something out of me, even if it meant kicking my ass to get me to talk.

I sighed and took out a cigarette.

“I made a move on Sa. And she now hates me for it” I said bluntly, not feeling like going into great detail about it.

“What? Why in the world….Sa? She’s like family! You idiot! Why the hell did u go do a thing like that?” Danni exclaimed, crossing her arms as though she was restraining herself from chortling me out right.

“Cause I love her, ok? I always have. Fucking probably always will. You got a problem with that?” I snapped back at her.

Danni’s eyes narrowed, glaring at me as she always does when she thinks her big sister is acting like a fuck up.

“Regardless, Sa is like one of the straightest girl I know. It’s no wonder she rejected you” Danni replied. Then she sighed and relaxed a little. She came over to my side and gave me a solid pat on the back.

“Go home. Take a break. I don’t need a fuck up in my kitchen. Just…don’t go drink and howl like a cat at her window, I don’t want to have Eru calling me to pick you up from jail again like the last time you got dumped, got it?”

“Yeah, yeah ok fine” I said, shrugging her off “how is your girl by the way? Haven’t seen her around lately”

“Well you know Eru; all ambition and drive, in and out of the bed” Danni winked “She’s determined to get her promotion so it’s only late night rendezvous at her place these days. Anyway, get going, and no bothering Sa. God. Go fuck Trix if you’re so repressed, you know she’s always on for a good time when it comes to you” Danni winked and went inside, closing the door behind her.

I threw my cigarette on the ground and stomped on it. I watched the ash flutter across the ground from under my black boot and wished I could crush my heart just as easily. Pushing back these overly sentimental thoughts, I headed down the darkening alley, heading home to drink myself to sleep

– 10:00 pm –

The door bell rang. I groped around for my bag and pulled out the keys at the bottom of it. My head was pounding from what might have been the hundredth shot of vodka and I hoped to God it wasn’t anyone important at the door.

I stumbled through the dark, switching on the lights as I went. I grabbed a stray cup of water that had been abandoned at some point on my coffee table and drank it down, shaking my head to clear the blurriness.

The door bell rang again. I groaned as the sound pierced into my mind and lunged at the door, jabbing the key into the lock and turning, flinging the door open and bracing the door frame, then taking a look at the intruder.


“Err…umm….I er…I packed the food you made us..” She said, holding up a bento box she had brought a long with her.

“What the…fuck?” I growled, then wondered why I said that. Shit. I was not in the right state of mind, to have her over…damn it.

I pulled back and tried to formulate some reasonable excuse to tell her to go away without sounding like a complete bastard, but Sa took it as though I was stepping back to let her in, and breezed right past me, leaving me speechless at the door.

“I’ll just put this in the kitchen” she said cheerfully, and my mind strayed, thinking of her….kitchen……what I could do with her….in the kitchen….ah! I’m a fucking MORON.

I slammed the door shut and turned the key to lock it, leaving the key in the door, and tried to walk as un-drunkenly as possible, to the couch, where I flopped down and ran a hand through my hair.

I listened as Sa bustled around inside the kitchen. Familiar sounds of Sa-being-busy-in-the-kitchen had an almost therapeutic effect on me; the sound of the tap being turned on and off as she washed her hands and the tinkle of the glass cabinets as she took down plates. The rustling sounds of the bento box being taken out of its bag and the clatter as she began to serve out food from the bento box.

If only I could hear those sound here everyday, and see her every night after a long drawn out shift. That would make life worthwhile.

Sa appeared, carrying the two plates. She looked so gorgeous, dressed elegantly in a white lace-trimmed blouse and a short sleek brown skirt with dark brown stockings.

Just as she was about to step onto the carpeted area just before the coffee table, her toe snagged onto the edge of the carpet. I watched in horror as she stumbled, a plate slipping out of her grasp to land with a Crash! on the edge of the table, and face down on the carpet.

Sa stood there stunned, holding on to the other plate. Her huge brown eyes turned to mine, and I could almost see her heart beating like the flutter of a humming bird within her chest.

I stood up, horrified, caught between wondering how to get the porcelain bits out of the carpeting, to wondering if she was OK.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed, finding it hard to string coherent words together.

“I-I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have… I…oh god…I’ll buy you a new carpet” Sa exclaimed as she turned around and went to the kitchen, placing the unbroken plate on the kitchen counter, and grabbing the broom to sweep up the mess.

“Fuck the carpet, that plate was from my mom!” I exclaimed, then wondered why I had to say that. I mean I was upset about the plate, but that really wasn’t the point.

“I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have….”Sa said, industriously sweeping up the bits.

However the more she did that, the more the bits got tangled and further embedded into the carpet.

“Oh dear…” She said, and put aside the broom. She bent down on her hands and knees, and started to pick up the individual piece from the carpeting. I just watched as her delicate limbs exposed themselves to being cut in several places, for what, the sake of an old fur rug and a broken plate?

“What the fuck are you doing?” I exclaimed, grabbing her forearm and yanking her away from the carpet.

Tears ran down her face as she clutched onto the bits of porcelain she had collected in her hand.

“I-I’m sorry. I just…I’m just…” She said, as more tears rolled down her cheek.

I let out a low growl of frustration. Dragging her away from the carpet, I went back, grabbed the coffee table, yanked it across the room to lean it against a far wall, rolled up the carpeting, opened the door, and took it downstairs to the dumpster and tossed it there.

I came up to find Sa industriously putting everything away, trying to look as though she wasn’t crying as she bit her lip and tied up her bento bag.

“I-I left the other plate of food in the fridge” she said as I walked past the kitchen, putting the keys away properly this time. I went to the bathroom to wash my feet, as just now, I hadn’t the sense to put on a pair of shoes, and just as Sa was picking up her bag from the kitchen counter, I came in to the kitchen and leaned against the door frame.

I stared at her, as she stood there like a startled fawn, one hand on her bag, the other on the table, but her whole entire attention on me, sensing me, but she refused to look up at me.

“I’m sorry. I meant to come over here to apologise. To make up for my behaviour yesterday. It was really uncalled for of me…but now I’ve made an even bigger mess of things…” Sa said to the tile just in front of her feet.

I said nothing, not trusting myself to be able to vocalize something that wasn’t too harsh or too violent.

The seconds stretched, and then Sa made the first move. She clutched her bag and bit her lip, a sign that she was trying not to cry again, and straightened up, obviously trying to put on a brave front.

I went in for the kill. In a few wide strides, I stood beside her, not touching her, just letting her acknowledge my presence.

She turned, startled, dropping her bag as she did so. She made to pick it up but I leaned into her, trapping her between myself and the kitchen counter.

“You’re not going, anywhere” I heard myself say, my hands on her hips, my lips to her neck.

“Chris…I’m so sorry about that…I’m” She began but I cut her off with a slow kiss, running my tongue across her bottom lip, gaining access, then plunging in. Her fingers settled like feathers on my forearms, tightening as though they wanted to protest against me staking claim on her body. I couldn’t have that now could I?

I released her hips and lips, and took a step back, holding her eyes as I unbuttoned her top, one by one, brushing my fingers over her breasts as I did so. A faint flush tinted her olive skin, and she downcasted her eyes, submitting to my mischief.

I didn’t bother to undo the blouse all the way. I undid it just enough to have full access to her tawny flesh. My hands found their way up her blouse and flicked off the bra catch, making her blush as I pulled off the bra.

I kissed her neck as I took her hips in my hands again, bending down to her semi-exposed chest and kissed the exposed nipple through her blouse, nibbling and licking and teasing it as Sa gasped, then moaned, then arched against me, her feather-light fingers gripping my shoulders, her body quivering under my touch.

I smiled internally. ‘If I can’t say how I feel about her, at least I can still show it, you can’t go wrong with that…right….oh but the last time…fuck it never mind’ I said to myself and abandoned the rest of my reasoning to the floor with Sa’s bra.

I gave her breast one last kiss before I traveled up, kissing her skin as my hand cupped and massaged her other breast, eliciting soft purrs and moans from my conquest. I caught her eyes in mine. Tears like crystals stuck her lashes together, making her large brown eyes even more beautiful than normal. My hands stilled on her body. I wanted her. I wanted her so badly. I wanted her now. Tonight…but I wanted to be sober…… God Damn IT! Sa’s first impression of me; intense sex maniac with a perchance for breasts? Was that really how I wanted to impress my beloved?

I kissed her cheek and with the greatest amount of self-control I’ve ever mustered in my LIFE, picked up her bra and slipped it back onto her arms, lifted up the bra cups, pulled back up the bra straps, re-hooked the bra and buttoned up her blouse. Her lips parted as though she wanted to ask a question, but only a tiny breath, somewhere caught between relief and disappointment came out.

Her hands startled me by settling on my hips. She smiled sweetly, looking up at me as though by me re-dressing her, I had somehow achieved brownie points.

I returned the smile, thinking I’d give myself a pat on the back for being such an intelligent old fart, but then I saw the exposed bit of skin, just within the collar, and before I could stop myself, I dove in for the kill, crushing her to myself as my teeth grazed and nibbled and sucked at her flesh. I just had to mark that small vicinity on her body. I just had to leave a mark that said “This is mine. HAND OFF” and I did.

I drew back, feeling internally satisfied, and was greeted by startled doe-eyed stares again, Sa’s fists slowly clenching and unclenching against my chest.

I gently kissed her on the lips and released her.

“I’m sorry Sa. I’m stone drunk. Could I just have you, as my pillow, tonight? Could you just….hang around for a bit?” I asked, playing with the lacy edge of her blouse.

She nodded quietly, her fingers fiddling with themselves. Then she leaned in and kissed me. Her kiss was so light, so gentle. It almost made me want to cry, realizing just how rough I had been with her.

I took her hands carefully, like she was a fragile piece of art, and lead her to the couch. She sat down. I lay down, putting my head on her lap. Within seconds, I fell asleep.

Chapter 4 | Chapter 6 


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