Truth or Dare: She loves me…she loves me not…

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.

Chapter 15: She loves me…she loves me not…

~POV Sage~

I started getting calls from Case. Sad, long drawn out voicemails from Case, which I got tired of listening to, and then calls from private numbers which I completely ignored.

I went to school and ignored the obvious chemistry growing between Gwen and Arla, and I started joining RoseMary and Liam in their little realm, joined Eric more and more at the observatory, drawing inspiration from space. That cleared my mind and put me back into perspective. I really loved being out there with the clouds, the stars and the universe.

On the days it rained, I knew how to draw over the make-shift protector coverlet to protect myself and the telescope. There were battery-operated lamps in the art room, which I could bring up with me to light the space under the make-shift cover as it blocked out the building’s light.

One late Thursday, after pulling over the make-shift coverlet and trooping downstairs to get the lights – I had remembered to lock both doors first as usual – I pushed open the door to the art room, and stopped in my tracks.

Arla was straddling Gwen’s waist, and as Gwen ran a hand up Arla’s back, I felt sick to my stomach. They were kissing, really intensely. I wanted to gag.

I let the door close, and walked away, shaking my head. I’m glad I dodged a bullet there.

“Hey, Sa~!” Someone said out of the darkness and grabbed me by the arm. I stumbled and found myself face to face with Case.

“Oh leave me alone already~!” I exclaimed, pushing her away.

“Hey, I just… I just wanted to talk. Can’t we just have a conversation?” Case asked, reaching up to brush a strand of hair away from my cheek.

I slapped her hand away and grinted my teeth. “Why are you here?”

Case smiled “ I’ve been looking for you, obviously. You never answer your calls” she said, moving towards me, as if to embrace me. I backed up “ You seemed to be ignoring me. I’m so sorry, come back to me” she said.

Case was not a bad looking girl. Slender, fit, pale skinned, she had a lip piercing and so many holes in one ear I was surprised she still had skin left to hold it all together. Her hair was currently a red and her fringe flopping to the side. It was a good look on her, and she looked ever better in her usual leather jacket and sleek black pants.

“I’m not answering your calls cause lets see…I’ve moved on? I don’t care for you anymore?” I snapped, and turned to leave.

She grabbed my wrist and yanked me to her “I don’t think so. I think there’s still a part of you that loves me”

“In your dreams” another voice said.

I barely had time to absorb what was happening. One moment I was in Case’s arms, and the next moment Case was being thrown down onto the street, held there by a furious Gwen.

“What the fuck!” I heard Case exclaim in a muffled way as Gwen held her down.

However it seemed that Case was a match for Gwen. A quick roll sent Gwen flying, and before Gwen had a chance to recover, it looked like Case was about to re-define her face with a jack-knife.

I grabbed Case’s arm and pulled her back.

“Case. put the knife away” I said in a leveled voice.

“But…but she” Case said, looking from me to Gwen, who had picked herself up and looked like she was about to have another go at Case.

“No matter what the hell just happened, Gwen is unarmed. If you knife her, any chance of me talking to you ever again does with it” I snapped at Case.

Case looked at me, and then flipped her swiss knife closed and put it into her back pocket

“Fine, but only this time. If she jumps me again.” Case said.

“No one is jumping anyone. Gwen, apologise now. I don’t know what form of herotics you were trying to pull, but Case wasn’t trying to hurt me, so you were totally out of line” I told Gwen angrily.

“Oh yeah? Then how come your wallet is in her pocket? I saw her take it from you” Gwen said and stormed over to Case reaching out for her jeans.

“Hey get the fuck away from me” Case said but Gwen was quicker and she pulled out my wallet from Case’s jeans.

Case threw a punch which Gwen easily dodged and Case stumbled and fell onto the floor.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead. One of the biggest reasons Case and I had broken up was cause she was always stealing stuff. I guess some things never changed.

I took the wallet from Gwen and went over to Case to help her up.

“How much do you need” I asked Case as she stood there, looking really embarrassed.

“Just $100. I promise I’ll pay you back” She replied.

” Yeah yeah. Your credit history with me is already $700, and that’s just what I remember actually giving you” I replied and took out a hundred dollar bill from my wallet and handed it to her.

“Thanks Sage, you’re the best” Gwen replied “I’ll be seeing you, to return it of course” Gwen said and went off.

I push my wallet back into my pocket and turned to Gwen, who was looking pretty pleased with herself.

“You could have just come up to us nicely and said she pickpocketed. What’s with the theatrics? Arla not giving you enough action over there?” I asked,raising an eyebrow.

Gwen’s confidence immediately looked down it was taken down a notch. She ran and hand through her hair as she looked back at where the art room door was open adjar and we both could see Arla was just coming out of the room, pulling on her favourite jean jacket.

“Look, it’s not what you think. Arla and I…we’re just…” Gwen began.

“Save it, I wasted enough time on you already, Arla is waiting for you, go tell her what you think you need to tell me” I replied and walked away, heading back up to the observatory.

After everything that had just happened I was too tired to continue my work and so I decided to pack it all up and head home.

I left the school and turned down the street and instead of heading to my bus stop, I headed to an obscure playground. It was hidden by trees, and usually un-occupied by hobos or youths at night. Well, except for me, when I felt like I needed a good long thinking session.

I climbed up the different levels, until I was in the shelter where one slides down the great slide, and sat there, and curled up, popping into my ears my earphones and turned on my mp3, letting the music surround me and engulf me.

I felt vibrations in the frame work of the playground, as if someone was climbing up the stairs and I looked around to find none other than Gwen coming up the slide. I sat back and watched as she came into the small space and sat quietly across from me. .

I sighed and looked away. I really didn’t want to deal with her right now.

Gwen reached out and touched my hand gently. I looked back at her. Something in her dark eyes made me unplug my earphones and sit expectantly there, waiting for her to say something.

“I’m sorry. It… it wasn’t supposed to be that way. You know the media…it makes you think that girls…they want you to come on to them. But I’m not used to good at this whole…relationship thing. I never imagined that I would.. well… fall for someone. I can’t commit. I can’t pretend that I will be faithful because I don’t know what that means. The only thing I know is that, ever since that night, something inside me changed and now. Nothing tastes as good anymore. I think…I think you spoilt me” Gwen said, her finger tracing little circles around the back of my hand ” I keep feeling like…if I could just have a taste. One tiny taste, I would be free from being infatuated with you”

“One kiss huh? That’s all you need, then you’ll leave me alone?” I asked, turning my hand over to let her fingers find their way to my palms.

“Yes. Just once, please” She asked nervously.

I put my back and mp3 aside and leaned in. The familiar smell of smoke and Gwen filed my nostrils as I moved forward.

Out lips touched, and then hers parted and a hand found it’s way to my hair.

The kiss started slow, the both of us just exploring each other, letting out tongues do the talking. Then as the kiss grew in intensity, her other hand held my nape as she changed tempo and began to devour me.

I smiled into the kiss, which made her smile, and her hands ran down to cup my breasts, fingers undoing the front, to reveal my breasts.

I moaned as she ran her fingers over them, cupped them, pressed them, leaned in and nipping at my neck…It was all I could do to not to start moving my hips against her. I felt my arousal building at a ferocious rate.

Her thumbs brushed the tips of my tits and her hands cupped and massaged the flesh, making me blush and bite my lips.

“Do you like that?” she asked, looking up at me.

I averted my eyes and nodded.

She grinned, and pressed harder. Then her hands ran down and began to undo my pants.

I looked up at her and she kissed me, long and tenderly, as her fingers undid the two buttons and unzipped them. She slipped a hand inside.

“Gwennn.” I gasped, trying to retreat, but this time I didn’t really want to.

“Play with me” She said simply and in one quick motion, lifted her hips and undid her buckle with one hand and pulled off her jeans off. She wore white short-styled underwear. I wanted to die~ mine was white, but lacy.

I had to stand and take mine off. I sat down, and my eyes grew wide. We were practically skin on skin.

“You know what I want from you” Gwen said and pushed me back.

I smiled. I guess once wouldn’t kill me…and it didn’t.

It was hot, and heavy, and felt so good. We didn’t go past our underwear, but our hands roamed and touched and caressed every inch of each other’s body. Sometimes I topped, and sometimes she did. It didn’t matter where our limbs ended up, it only mattered that we were together, we were here, this was now, and it felt good.

And then suddenly, just as Gwen hooked a finger in my lacy underwear, it began to rain.

It rained long and hard on the shelter roof top, and I suddenly wondered just how long we had been “playing” with each other.

“OMG. Gwen. It’s eleven thirty! You’ll miss the last train~!” I gasped and began to pull back on my clothes.

“Awe.. Lets just stay here all night” she pouted, tugging at my bra as I tried to put it on.

I leaned over and kissed her, which effectively stopped the tugging, so I could fix on my bra, and let me enjoy her just a little bit more.

“No babe, but we could always play again some other time” I winked.

When we were both fully clothed again, we ran out in the rain together, and at some point, ended up holding hands. We took the train home together, where she started telling me bits about her life, and then asked about mine, and I felt like despite it all, the day just got a million times better.

Gwen walked me home to my apartment, and although we hugged and kissed, her earlier plea of being unable to commit stayed on my mind.

I lay on my bed after that and stared at the ceiling and smiled. This memory, I’ll keep in my heart and treasure forever. I might not be able to have Gwen forever, but for tonight, it had been alright.


“I’ll never be your lover… I’ll only bring the heat…company undercover…filling space in your sheets. ” – Candles by Daughter

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