Truth or Dare: Heather is Mine

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.


Chapter 13: Heather is Mine

 “Chrissie…Sion….Marl…Lee…oh Lee was a good one, lasted a week really” Trix said as she painted her toe nails. The red paint blushed her perfectly manicured feet and she grinned as they shined in the morning sunlight that streamed into her window.

“So why did you just call up Chrissie like that? You clearly don’t have favorites, doing four people in a week” Heather said as she stretched herself out on Trix’s couch, getting comfy after a wonderful morning of manicure and pedicure, then painting her nails black.

“Standard procedure. Plus, sometime I giggle to myself and wonder how their partners must feel, hearing that first thing in the morning” Trix winked as she painted the last toe nail with a flourish.

“Trix…you wicked, wicked girl…” Heather said as she sat up, her agile dancer’s body coiling an uncoiling as she changed her position to lie tummy-flat on Trix’s couch.

Trix looked up and smiled. The sunlight glinted off her long dyed blond hair, which fell around her shoulders in a river that end in shocking blue. Her eyes were contact-lens green and her ears were full of cake-and-confectionary-inspired ear studs. Slender figured with D-cup breasts, she knew she looked hot, and loved to flaunt it.

Heather was like Trix’s shadow. She was a head shorter than Trix, and dressed entirely in black. At the moment that meant black leotards and a loose black top. Her hair was dark brown, her fringe cut to the side, so that it covered half of her right eye, and she tied up the rest in a loose ponytail. She hated the cut and tended to pin her fringe back, so at the moment it was sporting two hair pins.

Trix leaned over and kissed Heath on the nose.

“You know I love you…right?” She said “You know I only do them for the sex”

“Yes, of course, we’re fucking star-crossed lovers, and you so happen to have trouble getting to terms with that, so you’ve decided to fuck everyone, just to make sure I’m really THE ONE. Brilliant.” Heather said and rolled her eyes

Trix gazed at Heather.  Then she sat back and looked away, her eyes squinting out into the light.

“You are lucky, that my nails aren’t dry.” Trix replied and continued painting her nails.

“Whatcha going to do to me? Kiss me? Molest me? Take advantage of me?” Heather laughed, rolling off the couch to, in a split second, land on her feet, and easily breeze over to Trix’s side.

“Don’t tempt me. I might be a femme on the surface…but -” Trix huffed and tried to ignore the shockingly appealing figure that planted itself on her lap. Wait. How was she going to finish painting her nails like this.

“Get off!” Trix snapped and tried to push Heather away.

“Awe~ that’s the bane of your existence isn’t it” Heather said as she easily pinned both of Trix’s wrists to the back of the chair “No matter how much extra male testosterone you were born with, I’m still stronger than you”

Trix looked at Heather hard through her bangs, then sighed and looked away, playing her *I dont give a fuck* act.

Heather began to move sexily on Trix’s lap, side to side, smirking as she watched Trix bite her lip.

“Too bad I’ve still got a boy’s body, isn’t it. Too bad you ain’t attracted to me, isn’t it” Heather grinned as Trix’s eyes fluttered, then shot open, a look of absolute non-interest on her face.

Heather kept the smile on but internally, she thought it was too bad…for herself.

“Look. I’m a girl too you know, what’s the big deal. Why can’t you fuck me too?” Heather pouted, releasing Trix’s wrists.

“Because. No. Just no. K?” Trix snapped and pushed Heather off ” It’s just not like that between us. Besides, u’d just laugh throughout the whole deal” Trix grinned and finished her last few toes.

A look pasted across Heather’s face but whatever it was, she kept it to herself.

“You know Leslie gave me a blow job the other day and my god the suction wa-”

” HEATHER~!!! TMI! seriously..” Trix exclaimed in horror and Heather burst out laughing.

” What’s wrong with being a little bisexual?” Heather grinned, twirling a brown lock of hair.

Trix looked up and contemplated Heather. She’d never admit it to her, but Trix felt more aroused just by Heather sitting on her than she ever had during sex with anyone, and right now, Heather’s habit of twirling her hair gave her such a demure appearance, Trix just wanted to eat her alive. Secretly Trix feared that if Heather and her were to do it, she’d turn into a possessive freak and try to collar and cage her, and make sure she never ever got away, which was why she flat out refused all of Heather’s advances. It was for Heather’s sake, not her own. Trix knew her love was lethal, and she didn’t want to loose Heather as a friend.

“So then…are you listening to me?” Heather asked, frowning.

Trix glanced up at the time and groaned. She was so glad she used fast drying nail polish, and got off the couch.

She leaned down and took Heather’s face in one hand, leaned in and stole a long, tender kiss. This was all she was allowing herself. She was taking advantage of the moment, to enjoy what she knew she shouldn’t have.

She pulled back and grinned, watching Heather’s half-closed eyes and parted lips and smiled.

“Betcha didn’t see that coming” Trix grinned a released Heather, sauntering off ” That’s all the sex u r gettin’ from me~! Savour it~!” Trix laughed and headed over to her bedroom.

While Trix was in the bathroom, her phone began to ring. Heather looked at it. the phone number bleeping was highlighted “Chris”. Curious, she picked it up.

“Hello?” Heather said answered.

“What the Fuck. Who the hell are you, to ruin my relationship, my life, like this? Like what the hell?” came the voice of Sarah on the other side of the receiver. Immediately Sarah began to cry “T-Things were going so well…so well..” Sa sobbed.

“Sarah? Sarah is that you? Oh My God. Sarah. This is Heather. I’m not Trix. Are you with Chris? Did you…OMG. I’m coming over. This is bad. Trix, you…God Forget it. Just take a deep breath, get yourself bathed and dressed. I’ll be over there really quick” Heather said and hung up.


On the other side of town the phone line went dead in Sa’s hands. Sa just stared at the phone in shock. She felt like breaking down, like tearing everything apart, like tearing things to pieces. But this was Heather. Sa knew Heather, trusted her. She nodded to herself and went off to do as Heather had instructed her.

Thirty minutes later Sa was letting Heather in.

In hushed voices, Sa briefly explained what had happened, Heather shook her head and stood and made Sa some chocolate, then sat down again and handed her the mug. After listening to Sa get all her frustrations out, Heather proposed that they should do a general spring cleaning of the room to clear out all the toxic energy left behind by this bad situation.

Armed with buckets of soapy water and rag clothes, Heather and Sarah moped and dusted down the whole room, soaked the sheets, and basically clear out the air of all the “bad energies” as heather called them.

Then they ordered pizza and made a salad, and Heather patiently sat through Sa’s tears and sobs and confusion, and even was there for Sa through the night. They rented some movies and played some video games, and then Heather slept out on the couch, and Sa in her bedroom, just in case Chris came back, so that Heather would be the one to deal with Chris, not Sa.

Sa was so fed up. She felt as though her heart was bleeding. She thought Chris loved her, but to betray her that fast was inconceivable and made Sa feel as though she just wanted to hide from the world.


Heather told Trix that she was moving in with Sa for a few days, just to make sure that Sa was able to manage, and that she’d be there if Chris tried to contact her again. Trix looked pissed, but decided to just shrug it off and be OK with it, it wasn’t as though Heather held her back from gallivanting off with other women every other night. But to Trix, it was Heather she went home to. Now she’d have no one to go home to.

Things were fine at first, and as the days turned into a week, and then a month, Trix got used to the extra space. However with Heather gone, Trix stopped feeling interested in playing around with other people when there was no one to make jealous. Trix eventually started making frequent visit’s to Sa’s place to check up on the two of them to see how they were doing.

All seemed fine until Trix saw Heather giving Sa a kiss by the fountain, just before she went in for class.

Trix had decided to surprise Heather with breakfast, as she hadn’t seen Heather for a few days now, and she knew she’d been taking Sa to her university campus every single morning, to curb chances of Sa having to deal with Chris, if Chris suddenly decided to stalk her on campus.

Sa had blushed fetchingly, and Trix had broken her umbrella, and changed direction. Instead of heading towards them, she headed straight for Chris’ apartment.

Trix banged on Chris’ door, and a groggy drunk Chris answered it, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“What-“ Chris began.

Trix grabbed Chris by the collar “Look here. Either you figure out some way to get Sa back, or leave her the fuck alone from now on. I can’t have Heather finding a fancy in that Sarah ok? Heather is mine. She…she…well you get the picture” Trix said and shoved Chris away “Get off your lazy ass and fix this! It’s not my problem, but because you’re doing nothing about this, it’s becoming my problem, and I’m not HAVING IT, you HEAR me?” Trix said, and stormed away, chucking her broken umbrella at the wall and whipping away angry tears.

Chris just lay there stunned out of her wits. She groped for the door and shut it closed, and just stared at it. She wondered if she should relocate.

Trix then went to work. She was a brilliant Violinist, and taught music classes at one of the prestigious music schools for young talent. It was definitely the worst day on the job  ever as she couldn’t concentrate on the students, and decided to end classes early.

She then stormed over to Sa’s place, and found her and Heather giggling over some album or another.

“You know what? You two can just fucking become a couple for all I care, got it? Sa, if you can’t fucking get over the fact that I’ve fuck Chris, not once, but five times in the last three months, then you’re a fucking moron, cause I’m sure it was long before you had this little thing with her. So If you’re going to use some entirely uninvolved person to split your relationship, fine, but don’t get me involved in your little fued!” Trix exclaimed, then glared at Heather, then stormed out again, leaving Heather and Sa wondering what in the world just happened.

And finally, just to make things clear to herself that she wasn’t going to keep holding out for Heather, she went home and took a pair of scissors to her blue hair. That lovely blue, which Heather had told her not to cut off because she thought it was so pretty. She sliced it off, and cried herself to sleep.


“But Trix doesn’t even like me!” Heather exclaims as Sa pulled out a huge suitcase from her cupboard.

“Trust me, she likes you. For some one to get that pissed just because you’ve been over here for a month, and especially since you are technically a freeloader in her house, , she likes you, a LOT” Sa grinned “And you know what, if your relationship works out, that might just make me confident enough, to give Chris another go. Besides, Trix is right. Chris and her and been at it way longer…for me to get upset over this…”

“No but, they did it only like two weeks before you and Chris had that night together… and they did it-“ Heather began.

Sa raised a hand “We’re went even together officially yet at the time, not really. She has a right to do whatever, as long as she’s not attached, right?”

Heather sighed and crossed her arms “ So what’s in there?”

Sa grinned and opened it.

Heather’s eyes grew as wide as saucers. “You gotta be kidding. You sure this will bring Trix around?”

“From what you’ve told me, I know so. Take whatever you like, I’m gonna make us a midnight snack. And later I’ll pass you some cab fare. Go home tonight, and in the morning, surprise her. She’ll love it” Sa grinned as Heather tentatively went through the stuff in the suitcase.

“Alright…I’ll take your word for it” Heather said and groaned as he picked through the items, wondering if this really would work…


“I just need…one more shot… at forgiveness.” – Sorry by Justin Bieber

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