Truth or Dare: Letting Her go

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.


Chapter 10: Letting Her go

~POV of Sage~

The members of the Art club were amazingly warm. There was a short little Japanese girl, who seemed to paint landscapes from dreams. Pale shades and amazing creatures raced across her canvases. A tall moody brunette boy called Liam didn’t just paint, but built small models of his creations, which littered his area, some huge ones which were up to my waist, made out of wood carvings and plaster, stood guard next to his easel like guardians of his space. A Blue-haired vixen called Arla made dresses out of scrap clothes and wore dazzling things in her hair. She specialized in fashion, but was still in the arts club as she preferred to paint her dramatic fashionistic ideas than actually put them into production. And lastly there was Eric, who owned the telescope, and was also the leader, who took care of the affairs of the club.

Arla and I hit it off immediately. She knew how to play the guitar too and showed me a few tricks, and told me that yes indeed, the centre I was going to was a good one, she actually went there for her guitar lessons initially. She also loved to play with my hair and my attire while I was drawing, plucking at this, and re-pinning that, as though it made the slightest bit of difference. But I didn’t mind, I found her adorable.

RoseMary was drawn to Liam like a butterfly to a flower. She fluttered around his area, poking at this, peering at that, until a long brown arm had drawn her into his space, where she became a part of his world, asked to model, then as the days turned to weeks, asked to be more than his model. His warmth, which he only showed on those he allowed within his sphere of attention, made RoseMary blossom like a flower, growing more beautiful day by day, until her inner artist blossomed too, and she started making the most beautiful pottery I’d ever seen, with roses curling around the pots in vines and thorns.

My days became blurred. Between Guitar classes and the Art Club, I felt that I was getting closer and closer to becoming the person I always knew I was meant to be. Even my class on C++ took a whole different meaning to me as although it was just coding, with the people around me, I found that passion again to push through and create really good content for my final year exams.

I was so happy and content with life that I almost forgot entirely about how I felt for Gwen, letting it sink peacefully into another realm of acceptance.


On a warm summer day a few weeks after the results of our finals for that year was out, Arla decided to take her Fashionista skills, and scissors, to my clothes and looks.

“That’s it Sage, I’m cutting you up to pieces!” Arla said on Monday afternoon, soon after I had set up my things to paint.

“What? What are you talking about?” I laughed as Arla pulled out what looked more like gardening shears than scissors.

“We are giving that lovely hair of yours, a hair cut~!” Arla replied, turning around and brandishing the scissors, and a bowl to collect the hair in.

I shrugged and said whatever, and continued drawing. Arla hesitated for a moment, but as I didn’t say no, she got a stool and sat behind me, and began to industriously work on my hair.

Three hours later, and a few dyes, I was sent to the bathroom to wash it all out. I washed out my hair and looked up at myself. I almost jumped back. The girl that was gazing back at me was so different~!

Arla had cut my hair such that it curled just around my cheeks, and was short and bob-like at the back. It stuck up a little in places, but overall was really super short, and furthermore, black. Like jet black, with streaks of green in it.

I ran a hand through my hair, and smiled. She had done an amazing job. From sweet femme, she had taken me to edgy dyke, and some of my hair was even really short, so it spiked up just so~ I loved it.

I turned, smiling slightly bemused, and bumped into someone.

“Sorry” I said and tried to walk past them. They touched my waist and I looked up, taken aback. Then I breathed in the curt remark, which had been on the lip of my tongue and smiled.

“Gwen! Haven’t seen you around much.” I said as cordially as possible and tried to slip passed her.

Gwen however seemed particularly hard to get around. She stood between me and the door and looked at my hair, as though she was inspecting a piece of linen, and nodded “ It’s a good cut and dye job, where did you get that done?” She asked.

“Arla, my club-mate. She’s brilliant” I grinned, and then gently placed a hand on her arm and pushed her out of my way ” Sorry, I need to be somewhere. If you like, I could ask her if you want a hair cut too” I said and walked out.

I ran a hand through my hair. It was just sinking in how short it was now. It actually felt good, not having to deal with the length.

“Sage!” Gwen called out from behind me.

I turned and waited for her to catch up.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Are you, going home later? I’ve got an extra night class. Want to err…walk home together? For safety reasons I mean” Gwen said.

I crossed me arms ” No. You are the safety hazard Gwen. See you around” I replied and went back to my club.

I was kind of surprised at myself that I had been so confident talking to Gwen. I though I would have caved or melted into a puddle of goo, but it seems that I really had gotten over her, finally!

When I returned back to the Art Club, everyone had gone insane over my new look, and then we had all sunk back into the motions of our art practice as usual. We all carried on until around 8 o’clock, when each person started to pack up disappear home, leaving me as usual, the person left to locked things up.

I was just locking up the art room when Gwen appeared behind me, her bag slung over one shoulder.

“ Hey you” I grinned as I pocketed the key after the art room was locked up, bending down to pick up my heavy art bag.

“Let me get that” she said and picked it up before me, with the same hand that held onto her own bag, and slung them both over her shoulder.

I raised both eyebrows but said nothing, betting my expression said enough.

“ Sorry I don’t need you help” I replied and raised an eyebrow.

“Look, I’m really bad at…at apologises. Just let me help you out a bit. it’s the least I could do.

I narrowed my eyes, then sighed ” Look I need to lock up the observatory so…you can wait here or come up… I don’t really care” I replied and walked down the hall towards the lift.

“I’ll come along” Gwen said and followed me quietly into the lift.

We took the lift to the top floor and I went to an obscure door at the far end of the hall way and opened it. This door led to a staircase, which led up to a small roof-top platform, where Eric’s telescope was perched on a revolving platform which was screwed down into the ground, a feature the school had contracted a contractor to have implemented once upon a time, for an Astronomy Module, and so was made useful now by the Art club.

Every time I came up here, I always took a peek at the stars before I went home. I locked the door to the staircase from the inside, and went over to telescope and inspected it.

“The sky is amazingly clear tonight. Can I see through the telescope?” Gwen asked, as I popped open the protective cover and peeked through the eye-piece.

I hesitated for a moment, then stepped back and waved Gwen over.

“Just for a moment, I have to get going” I replied and crossed my arms.

Gwen dumped the stuff next to the door and went over to the telescope and looked through the eye piece.

“It such a clear night. I can see Venus up there, with a splash of stars. It’s amazing” Gwen said in awe as she adjusted the telescope a little so that she could see clearer “Sage, come, see this” she said and moved aside, beckoning me forward.

I stepped up to the telescope and peered through. The star was indeed bright and beautiful and the sprinkling of smaller stars was a sight to behold.

“Do you guys come up here to paint this?” Gwen asked.

“Yes, almost all the time. It’s amazing up here” I replied, moving the telescope around a bit, gazing at a few other things.

I felt a hand snake around my waist. I sucked in a breath, then breathed it out, then moved back, straightening up to look at her.

She was looking at the stars. I looked up and realized the moon had come out from behind a stray cloud. A beautiful crescent moon.

I smiled. Then gasped as I felt a cold pair of lips kiss my neck.

“Gwen” I gasped and found myself pushed back, off the raised platform and against the wall ledge. Luckily it was concrete and up to my shoulders.

Her hands roamed over my body, stopping at my hips, her lips kissing my ear.


I pushed her off and held her at an arms length.

“Gwen, I don’t know what you want from me, but you’re not getting it like this” I replied and pushed her away and walked past her.

I grabbed her bag from near the door and went over to her and tossed it into her arms.

“Leave. Now” I told her and pointed at the door.

“Sage… I’m.. I’m…. I don’t know how to say it..” Gwen began.

“Well I don’t want to hear it. Go fuck yourself” I replied and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the door.

“Don’t talk to me again” I told her as I shoved her out and slammed the door in her face.

I stood there, fuming for a moment, then I turned around and headed over to the telescope. I recapped and packed away the telescope into an art cabinet that had been placed up here for the storage of the telescope and it’s equipment.

Once I was sure everything was in order, I took a gulp of air and picked up my bag and walked straight to the door and opened it.

Gwen was still there, stilling on the floor in a ball, her bag clutched to her chest.

“Why are you still here?” I asked as I turned and locked up the door.

Gwen stood and shrugged her bag onto her shoulder.

“I… I didn’t want to leave you here in this empty school alone” She explained.

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and shook my head “Gwen, I lock up this art room every single day on my own and I have never encountered a problem”.

“Well…you’ve also never noticed that I’ve been stalking you this whole time have you” Gwen replied, giving me a sheepish smile.

I rolled my eyes and walked past her. ” Stop joking around, things like that aren’t funny”.

I called for the lift and Gwen and I had a silent trip down to the ground floor, and despite ignoring her the whole entire way, Gwen did indeed walk me home, but I refused to even say goodbye as I slammed the front door to my apartments to her face.

As I threw my art bag on the floor once I reached my room, I got a text message from Gwen and I opened it.

“I wasn’t joking when I said that I’ve been stalking you” it read.

I sighed and threw the phone across my bed. It didn’t matter, Gwen didn’t matter. I wasn’t gonna let her pull me back into that place, no matter how creepy she decided to be, cause this was just another one of her games…right?


Then next time I had art class, Gwen was there, chatting up Arla. I felt a wave of irritation, but then I decided to leave it alone. I mean Gwen had shown interest in Arla’s hair-cutting skills, why should I try breaking that up?

I called up Crystal half way through my art club session, which was three hours into seeing Gwen play and laugh with Arla, letting her paint on her cheeks, and cuddling her right in front of me, and Crystal agreed to meet me for dinner.

Laiya joined Crystal and I, and we went to eat at Macs. Crystal poured out her heart about how she was going through a bad break-up and Laiya pattered her arm and I listened. Laiya and recently just gotten back together with her longtime boyfriend of three years, so she had experience. She calmed Crystal down and advised her on what to do.

As I sat there, listening to them talk about their failed love affairs, I got to thinking about my own failed loves. I thought about Gwen, and Arla, and Case, and it finally occurred to me, what was it about me and women? Was it that I was such a lousy stuck up prude that couldn’t find pleasure in being felt up and hustled for physical attention? What was the standard of love that I wanted? Maybe I was the problem and I’ve just been playing the victim this whole time.

I suddenly burst out laughing, and laughed and laughed as Crystal and Laiya stared at me as though I had grown a second head.

“Even my own father can’t stand me apparently, seeing as he remarried when I was six” I grinned through tears”I’m sorry Crystal, I’m still feeling really messed up right now and I need to short out… my headspace” I said.

Crystal stood up and immediately hugged me ” I know how you feel, we all do. Honey every since Nyon slept with that tramp I’ve finally understood how you’ve been feeling~! It’s just wrong to invade someone’s space and assume that you’ll be ok with it without asking them first. I mean I’m all for polygamy, but it has to be consentual” Crystal said and sat down again, matting me.

“Yeah, we’re both here for you, no matter how messed up things between you and Gwen are. She’s a jerk, you know that right? We told you before, she does what she wants to do” Laiya said and smiled.

“Yeah, so true. I guess I’ve finally accepted that now. So anyway, where were we?” I grinned and took a fry, leaning in to finally be all hears to my friends’ problems.

“Take me down into your paradise…don’t be scared cause I’m your body type…” – Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato 

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