Truth or Dare: Love-Struck Fools

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

I wrote this story a few years back when I was still exploring my sexuality. This is an M18 story and set in present day between two working adults, who were friends until an incident with a game of “Truth or Dare” turned them into something else altogether.

If you enjoy the story, please let me know by leaving a like or a comment below, and I’ll be sure to continue it.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.

Chapter 7: Love-Struck Fools

~POV of Sage~

I fiddled with the phone in the pocket of my skirt. It was Gwen’s. She’d left it on her seat by accident after disappearing with a bunch of her gamer friends just before my class, ‘Animation 101’ began.

Gwen’s gamer friends were a mix of dark, moody, gawky and lanky people. They roamed around at the dead of the night in cyberspace, where it was as bright as daylight, killing fictional monsters and creating guilds for themselves. I even heard her male character had a cyber girlfriend, who she loved to play around with; the wonders of cyberspace and cyber freedom.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid gamer myself, I do appreciate the recreation… I’m just talking from an outsider’s point of view, so obviously I’m being sulky and gripping about it cause I’m not, well, part of her bit of gamer world.

Anyway back to reality, I was in ‘Animation 101’ and it was five minutes to the end of class, which meant five minutes to the beginning of the next one, ‘Introduction to Game Engines’, and that meant five minutes to her reappearing into my life… Should I …

  1. a) Wait till everyone had left and leave it on her table?
  2. b) Hand it to her?
  3. c) Give it to one of her friends and remain anonymous?

I mean I could always just throw it in the bin next to the door, I’m sure she’s see it there,  but I didn’t hate her… but handing it to her would be so awkward…

The bell rang. Or more like, the bell rang in my pocket. The whole class turned to look at me and I muttered several apologies, pressing a few buttons and hoping I was actually switching it off.

Finally, it stopped ringing.

“Ah well, let’s wrap things up for today, since someone is so eager to get away” Ms. Lin winked and everyone laughed, while I tried to shrink into nothing-ness.

The students all packed up and began to bustle out of the room.

I pulled the phone out of my pocket and gasped, realising that I hadn’t switched the phone off at all~! I had accepted a the call, and it was still receiving.

I quickly got up and hurried over to Gwen’s table, where I placed it and scurried towards the door at the back of the class, just as Gwen busted through the front door.

“Sage! Don’t you fucking dare move!” She suddenly snapped, then picked up her phone and began checking it thoroughly.

“I-I found it, under your table” I said as the teacher and the last student filed out. I bet they could read the tension a mile away.

“Oh? And I’m to believe that and not that you stole it?” She snapped.

“What the hell? Why would I steal my friend’s phone?” I snapped.

Gwen looked up with that hawk like stare of her’s.

“ Friends?” She said, letting the word drop like a brick load of question marks.

I took a step back and looked away. ‘What the hell? So now we aren’t even finds, cause of something she did…fuck this.’

“Fine, never mind. It looks fine so I’ll let you off.” She said and turned to acknowledge one of her friends. I was dismissed.

I stood for a moment in shock, before I left the classroom and wandered down the hall, fingers dragging along the wall. I was never going to touch another thing of Gwen’s again.

I decided to go over to my cousin’s for a day. She had nice games, and cool stuff to fiddle with. She was the sweetest person alive,and she accepted me for who I was, no questions asked.

A bus trip and a ten minute walk away took me to her apartment. I walked up the eight stories to her apartment, and walked down the corridor, finally stopping outside her door.

I knocked on the door then rang.

The door opened and a slender five foot two woman with lush brown hair that fell in waves and smooth olive skin stood there in her night clothes, for the first time, looking like a complete mess.

“Sa? Is that you? Are you ok?” I exclaimed, amazed at how messed up Sa looked. Her eyes had dark rings and she looked so exhausted, like she hadn’t slept all night.

Sa gave m a gigantic hug and closed the door behind us as I wandered into her apartment.

“Oh Gosh. I’m glad you came over, I’m been wondering who I could talk to about this” Sa said as she went to her bathroom and washed her face.

I dropped my school bag next to her couch as usual, and followed her to the bathroom, leaning against the wall.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong?” I asked.

Sa looked at me, her large brown eyes sparkled with water droplets, that seemed to crystallized her eye lashes. She looked so beautiful, even in the midst of her mess, I hope the one who got her took really good care of her.

Sa licked her lips which on closer inspection, looked chapped and cracked as if she was dehydrated. She turned on the tap and started to run water through her hair, to dampen down the mess. She turned off the tap and fuzzed up her hair and then sighed, brushed past me to sit down on her couch with a *flump* and put her head in her hands.

“I think I’m in love with Chris” Sa said.

I was in the kitchen, preparing us some coffee, as she looked like she needed a cup. I knocked the milk over.

“Shit~!!!” I exclaimed and grabbed the carton before all the milk ran out.

Sa appeared at the door like a vision, looking forlorn and lost, but still trying to be helpful.

“Is everything ok?” She asked, then breezed past me to pick up a mop and a bucket, which she began to fill with water and detergent.

“You’re in love with WHO? Seriously Sa. That’s like…worse than what I’m in…” I laughed, mopping up the spilt milk with a cloth from the counter.

“What are you in?” Sa asked, moping up the milk from the floor.

“In love with Gwen? Which is absolutely stupid cause she like, molested me a few days ago” I grumbled, pouring the rest of the milk into the two cups, and stirring them.

I turned to find Sa biting her lip as she finished up, then took the mop and bucket to the laundry area.

“Well if you love them…you wouldn’t really consider it to be molestation…I mean you love them right?” Sa replied.

“Ha~! You don’t know Gwen~! I don’t think she could love anyone. I don’t think she even understands the concept of love. What she did was purely for her own selfish pursuit of self-satisfaction. Arg~ I’m so irritated. And today, she didn’t even want to acknowledge me as a friend~! I mean what is that? Fuck~! I’m so-“ I ranted.

I turned to look at Sa and found her staring off into space, her mind a thousand miles away.

I blew a raspberry and took the finished coffee to the table outside, placing them down and looking around for coasters.

“Sorry Sage, what was it?” Sa asked, drifting out with a plate of cookies. She placed them down next to the coffee and sat down, then seemed to fold into the couch, a dazzle of delicacy and sorrow.

I envied Chris at that moment. The fact that Chris could have captivated Sa to a point where she couldn’t even spare an extra thought for me? What exactly did Sa see in that red-haired gawky ghost-creature that was Chris, who’s startling dark eyes seemed to pierce into people’s souls. Chris was scary at best, but maybe it was that haunted beauty that drew Sarah in.

“Sa, Chris is no good for you. She hides too much. She’s a real bastard. Give her up” I said, patting her on her knee.

Sa turned those starry-eyed orbs to me and smiled a half-smile “When you give up on Gwen” she said, brushing a lock of hair away from my face “ Ma Petite Ami~ Love is so hard to give up, no? We must just suffer through it, until it passes, and changes into a dream” she smiled and placed a kiss on my forehead.

Tears welled up in my eyes. They overflowed. I cried. I cried for the moments lost, the hope lost, the reality lost. I cried for the pain, the rejection and my own ignorance and stupidity, and above all, I cried because I needed that release, and I finally felt safe, with somebody.

“There there petite soeur~ there there~” Sa smiled and embraced me. The sweet smell of cherries and vanilla surrounded me in her warm, and I cried away my anger and pain, until I found myself, falling asleep.


I’m still listening to Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer. I’m addicted~! 

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