Truth or Dare: Making Amends

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.


Chapter 14 : Making Amends

~POV of Trix~

I woke up, feeling groggy and angry. I whipped the mascara from my eyes, and realize that it was just getting worse. I grabbed my make up cleaner and cotton buds and headed to my bathroom, where I bathed and cleaned myself up.

I dressed in a long blouse and underwear, and fluffy pink slippers, and plodded into the kitchen, yawning.

I stood there, shocked into stillness. There, dressed in the most adorable maid outfit even more adorable with brown cat ears, stood Heather making waffles. I could have died and gone to heaven.

“Morning~!” She said when she noticed me, staring at her as though my eyes were going to fall out of their skull.

“Morn…ing…” I replied and felt my cheeks blush as she turned and gave me a very delicious view of a completely naked back, butts included.

“W-hy… the outfit…” I asked as she turned off the stove and picked up the two plates, sashaying past me into the living room.

It had been a couple of weeks since she Heather moved back in with me from living with Sarah, but I had been so upset with the whole change of routine I hadn’t been on speaking terms with Heather.

I bit my tongue to keep myself from asking her to strip on the spot, and turned around to prepare some tea.

A hand gently touched mine. I turned back and she smiled sweetly, her body brushing against my arm. I was left speechless.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get those. Why don’t you go sit down, and try the waffles?” Heather said.

I had a perfect view of her chest and yes it was smooth and flat, but to me this was Heather we were talking about, and that made all the difference to me. Everything about her was sexy. Her muscles were toned under the apron and made me want to run my fingers down her chest.

Heather guided me sweetly to sit down, and sashayed off to prepare the mugs of coffee.

I took a bite of the waffle and grinned, this stuff was good.

I looked up when Heather came in, the tray of mugs steaming. She kneeled down gracefully, right next to me, and set the cups down. Then she winked and took the tray away.

I sipped the coffee, my eyes locked on the kitchen doorway.

She came out with a can of spray-on whipped cream, and promptly covered our coffee, and our waffles with the stuff.

I laughed when she sprayed it on my nose too.

“Stop that you imp!” I laughed, and she smiled at me, open, unguarded, and genuinely interested, like she was really, into me.

I gulped, then leaned over, and kissed her.

She giggled and drew back kissing the cream off my nose, and sucking it into her mouth. I leaned in and kissed her again. She leaned back, I leaned forward, she fell back against the couch. I grinned.

“You better not laugh” I smiled down at her.

She smiled back up at me, her hands threading themselves through my hair “You better fuck me hard. It’s the least you can do, after cutting off all that beautiful blue hair” she pouted and I blushed.

I think I’d have to sent Sa a thank you note, one of these days, these looked like the costumes I had asked her to keep for me a while back, when my parents had come to town, and I didn’t want her to find out I was into BDSM.

“Want to argue all day, making love all night…” – What do you mean by Justin Bieber

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