Truth or Dare: Moving On

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.


Chapter 16: Moving On

Gwen could have skipped to school, but she didn’t, it just wasn’t something she did.  She had two classes back to back, but the second one had Sage, and that was good enough for her.

Gwen breezed through her first class, barely paying attention to anything, and in her second class, she headed straight for where she usually saw Sage sitting by herself.

Only, Sage wasn’t by herself. Arla, who didn’t even take their class, was sitting next to Sage and she was drawing with Sage, the two of them giggling away.

Gwen retraced her steps and sat at her usual seat, shooting glares at the two of them, which neither seemed to notice.

It’s not that she had wanted to touch Arla that night. It’s just that the girl kept coming on to her, and she never had any inhibitions about girls coming on to her. However it was that horrified expression on Sage’s face that she had seen just before Sage had quietly left the room, thinking that Arla and Gwen hadn’t notice her arrival, but they had. That expression had made Gwen re-think that decision. Now she felt Arla was making her pay for it.

After class, Gwen stepped in front of Sage, stopping her from leaving. Arla had gone ahead, and was waiting for Sage at the door.

“Last night..” Gwen began, and Sage smiled.

Sage kissed Gwen on the cheek lightly, making Gwen stare at her, entirely caught off guard.

“That’s alright, I’ve finally come to terms, with your type. You need that freedom, that liberty right? It’s ok, I won’t hold you back” Sage grinned and moved past her, to join Arla at the door, then they moved on, heading off to lunch.

Gwen’s friend Peace walked back into the classroom. He looked in the direction Gwen was staring at, then nudged Gwen’s shoulder.

“Earthling, return to Planet Doom and Gloom. Why the fuck are you staring at the door?” Peace asked.

Gwen shot him a glare, than sighed. “I’m waiting for her to turn around and come back to me” she thought to herself, and then felt like kicking herself. So much for one kiss being all it took.


“So, I met this girl called Case the yesterday..” Arla said to Sage as they were eating.

Sage looked up, a half-smile tugging on the corner of her lips. Arla couldn’t help but blush. “There was something about Sage these days that seemed so much more composed, so much more solid, and so much more attractive than before. Was it her who had helped the change? By cutting away the hair that had been hiding such androgynous beauty?” Arla thought to herself. She couldn’t quite place it but she knew she was delighted to have Sage as a friend.

“You mean my Ex?” Sage grinned and took another bite of her club sandwich.

“Your WHAT?” Arla exclaimed, hand over her mouth.

“I saw you two by the way, in the art club. No need to lie about that” Sage added through bites.

Arla smiled and sighed “ Ah~ well…Gwen is delicious…but there’s something about Case..”

“She loves it when you play with her fingers. Seriously. Just do that thing you do with your hands and paintbrushes, do it with yours and her fingers, and you’ll turn her on, guaranteed” Sage winked.

“Oh My God. SAGE~!” Arla gasped and looked around, blushing furiously ” Are we talking about Case or Gwen?”

Sage shrugged “Case.She needs someone, to be honest. She’s been calling me, and actually tried to find me last night. But my heart’s not in it. However I have to let you know what we broke up because she’s a pickpocket” Sage said, then looked up at Arla “Though I’m sure you’d understand as you have a perchance for shoplifting…”

“Hey! That was just that one time…and the other time the lipstick just fell into my purse all by itself~!” Arla blushed furiously.

Sage smiled and patted Arla’s had “I think you two would be sweet together.” Sage took out her phone and sms-ed Case’s number to Arla and put her phone away and continued to eat.

“What’s this?” Arla asked when she received the sms.

“Case’s number. Go woo her to death” Sage grinned “ If it doesn’t work out, tell me all about it”

Arla looked up at Sage, her eyes sparkling “ You mean it? Really?”

Sage shrugged “Yeah, why not. We’re all searching for love, aren’t we? Why should I stop you from finding it? Besides, Case isn’t all that bad. Just… be open minded. She lived on the streets for a while before a social worker picked her up and put her in a foster home, so she lived a long while learning how to defend herself streetwise. Beside her heart is good, you can trust her”

Arla smiled and clutched onto the hand phone as though she was holding on to a lifeline.

Sage just smiled, and finished her sandwich, wondering what she was going to paint that day.


“But I still wonder…why…you left with her…and left me behind….” Love by Daughter

Chapter 15 | Chapter 17


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