Truth or Dare: The Art Club

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.


Chapter 8: Art Club

~ POV of Sage ~

The next day during lecture, I found myself sketching people. I sketched the lecturer, and then I sketched my friends, who leaned over and burst out laughing, causing the lecturer to inquire rather fiercely what it was that we found so funny about “Motions and Graphics, Module 3”.

“The Graphics!” Jon grinned, and showed the lecture hall my sketch of the lecturer, while I ducked under my chair.

The lecture hall erupted in laughter while the lecturer stormed up and snatched my paper out of Jon’s hand. Then he paused for a while.

“Who drew this?” He asked.

I squeaked a “me” from beneath my seat.

“It’s pretty good actually! Pretty good… I hope to see this kind of work in your final project. Keep it up!” the lecturer grinned and handed the paper back to Jon, while he went back down, and carried on teaching.

“Oh my GOD Jon. Did you want to get Sage in trouble or something?” RoseMary asked, hitting Jon on the shoulder after the lecture was over.

“Oh come on~ Mr. Leslie is cool. He wouldn’t give Sage hell over a caricature of himself!” Jon grinned, then turned to me “ You know, I bet the art club is going to snatch you away from us. They always need new recruits” Jon winked and waved “ See you next lecture~!” he said and headed for his “Professional Arts Practice” class.

RoseMary and I carried on down the hall. It was really good to be with a group of friends that didn’t know anything about Gwen or have any connections with her. After the incident in the classroom the other day, things had sort of fallen apart between me and the rest of that gang, and I decided to move on completely.

RoseMary and I had hit it off as friends immediately as we both were rather quiet in nature and we tended to stick to ourselves.

“He’s right you know. The art club is rather-“RoseMary began.

“Did someone say, “The arts club?” A voice interrupted RoseMary.

We both turned around to find a tall bespectacled boy with long black hair, tied back in a ponytail, and dressed entirely in white which had various places splashed with paint.

“Yes…But you weren’t in the conversation” RoseMary replied, raising an eyebrow.

“The art club would like to extend a formal invitation to you, Sagia Lee as we have been thoroughly impressed by your-”

RoseMary took me by the arm and turned me around “Just walk away and he might get the idea” She said and we started walking away quickly.

“W-W-Wait~! There are benefits to being a part of our team~!” The boy said and jogged beside us as we continued to brisk walk away.

“W-What benefits?” I laughed, amused.

“Basically you, as a member of our club, get a key to the roof to do universal paintings using our very own state-of-the-art telescope. You also get a free pass to the arts room at any time of the day and or night and best of all, our club stash, which is all the goodies and art supplies you need to inspire yourself. I understand you are an up and coming Animation Major yes? This is exactly the kind of environment you need at this university to explore your imaginative horizon” the boy said.

“Sign me up!” RoseMary suddenly stopped in her tracks and said, causing me to stumble a bit before regaining my balance.

“The invitation, unfortunately, is only extended to-” the boy began.

I crossed my arms “If you don’t take her, you don’t get me” I replied.

“After further reconsideration, the invitation is also extended to a Miss RoseMary Gracia. We do hope you would accept-“ the boy said as he pushed up his classes.

“We ACCEPT!” RoseMary said and grabbed my arm, eyes glittering “Free foooood~!” she squealed and I burst out laughing.

“Yes, free food, but I’m more interested in that telescope” I smiled.

“Well I’m Eric, nice to meet you two” Eric, said and extended his hand.

“Take us to your leader~!” RoseMary grinned as I shook Eric’s hand.

“Of course, this way ladies” Eric grinned and led us down the opposite direction of the hall.


“Cause you and I… we’re cool of the summer…tell me if I won.. If I did…what’s the prize? I just wanna play with you…” – Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato

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