Truth or Dare: Things Change, People Grow

Genre: Romance | Lesbian Fiction | Adult Theme: M18

Disclaimer: Any similarities to any people, places or things in reality is pure coincidence as this is a complete work of fiction.


Chapter 19: Things Change, People Grow

{ END of Truth or Dare }

~ POV of Sarah ~

I walked home from Uni, still thinking about what Trix had said. She was right, I had no reason to get so worked up over what had transpired between her and Chris. It was time for me to admit that I really just wrestling with my own insecurities about changing a long term friendship, into something more, and admitting to myself that I did indeed want something more, now that I knew it was possible.

I had bought a lovely sakura cheesecake, Chris’ favorite, and was heading over to her place. Even though I was afraid of what I might find, it was Chris we were talking about, and I loved her, and she loved me, even if she had trouble saying it out loud. I should be able to brave to see this through.

It suddenly began to rain, so I opened up my umbrella. It was one of my favorites, a lovely white thing with a cherry on it, though now when I thought of it, I blushed, realizing how silly a choice I had made to get it. At least from a far it just looked like a heart.

Just as I walked past another street close to Chris’ house, Chris stumbled out of a pub, her hand clutching what looked to be a bottle of beer. She turned her head upwards, just standing there, letting the rain fall on her face. Then she sat down on the curb and groaned, rubbing her head with her hand.

She looked like a lost, messy old cat, it made me smile.

I sat down right next to her, even if the rain water splashed over my heels and turned them from white to a dirty grey.

She looked at me, a bemused smile on her face, and looked away. Then she looked at me again.

“Is this some kind of hallucination?” She asked me, giving my thigh a good poke.

“I’m afraid not, or else I wouldn’t have to wash my shoes later” I grinned.

Chris leaned over and pulled me in, hugging me tightly.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…. Me and Trix, we have nothing, there is nothing between us…Seriously, I’m so sorry” Chris said and sobbed “ I love you”

My eyes grew wide. I tried to push back, so that I could see her face to face, but she held on to me as though if she let go, I’d run screaming in the opposite direction.

I sighed “How about, we try going on a proper date. Let’s say…a dinner, or taking that down a notch, a lunch date”

Chris groaned and released me then “Really? A dinner? I’d rather make you my dinner” she said and leaned into me.

I let her kiss me and smiled “ But you love me…right? Let’s do something other than getting to know each other’s body, we used to be more than this” I replied smiled.

I could literally see the light flicker back into Chris’ eyes. For too long she had walked around with a haunted expression on her face. Was she finally re-emerging from her darkness that was her alcohol-laced mind?

“Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked and watched as Chris’ eyes went wide.

“I would love to” Chris replied.

”Well I have a few rules. Number 1, you have to stop drinking. Number 2, you have to bath. And Number 3, you have to graduate from Culinary school” I laughed and got up, and tugging at Chris’ arm “We’ve got to get you cleaned up, if we’re going to go about wooing each other properly.

Chris got up and took my umbrella and held it up for the both of us. Then she noticed the cake in my hand.

“OMG. Is that the Sakura Cake? Why is the box so battered up?” Chris exclaimed.

I groaned. Not only was it battered up, it looked water-logged.

“Let’s go buy you another one” I smiled and kissed Chris on the nose.

“Wait, that was for me?” She said, her eyes sparkling.

“Yup, and cause you’re my girlfriend, I’ll buy you two cakes, one cause I love you, and one cause you love me~!” I exclaimed, then blushed, realizing how lame I sounded.

Chris kissed my cheek and smiled “You’re so cute” and drew an arm around her waist.

“Wwwaaait” I grinned and took out a mint from my bag and fed it to Chris “You smell like what you just drank”

“Thanks, you’re such an understanding girlfriend” Chris said, rolling her eyes as she munched up the mint.

“Did I ever mention, how much I love mint…” I said, and leaned over and kissed Chris. Chris favored the slow, minty, alcohol-laced kiss. It was good. This was good. I could work with this.

“Let’s go back to my place first, and get me cleaned up. I want to look pretty next to my girlfriend, when we go cake shopping” Chris grinned, and I blushed an even deeper shade of red.

The two of us walked down the street, leaning into each other, and feeling more at home than we ever had, in years.



“I’m taking it slow…Feeding my flame…Shuffling the cards of your game” – Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

Chapter 18 


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