Diet Diaries

Ok~! I’ve finally got it! Instead of thinking “I need to loose weight” I’ve started thinking “I need to eat food, preferably green stuff”, and it works! On top of that, Sun has been such a dear and has been 0% tolerant of my random outbursts of “I want that donut now” so I have actually been making progress! So yay~ this is my lunch for today:


I went grocery shopping down at my local supermarket this afternoon before I went home after work today and grabbed some baby corns and leafy greens. The mushrooms, broccili and cherry tomatos are from a wonderful trip to the farmer’s market with Sun last Sunday, when we finally decided to wake up before 9am to see what’s available fresh and early.

I think one thing I have learnt from going shopping with Sun is that it is sooo good to get on the same page with someone, when you are picking out vegetables for dinner together! 😁💖🍃🌟🌟💕💓


I have a weak spot for tofu, and when I’m not trying to sweet talk Sun into buying me a pound of fried chicken from KFC, I’m usually eating stirfried chicken, so tofu is always a refreshing break from the norm.


So this is the final dish~! I had a lot of fun making it, and I’m so full now so I’m going off to take a nap before I continue with my work on my colouring book~!


For those out there who are also trying to loose the weight or eat healthily or live however it is that you feel is better for your health and well-being, good for you! I’m glad I’m not alone in this journey of self-discovery.

Question of the week: What do you do to make yourself happy everyday?


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