DietDiaries: Eating Out with Sun


Sun is not just my sunshine, she is the soil that keeps me grounded while I grow as a strong and healthy tree.

Over the weekend I was delighted to recieve free tickets to Cirque Eloize from my Boss. Sun and I went and we were running late, which left my nerves in pieces as we rushed around. I will go in detail of that event on a day, check in next week for the Cirque Eloize date~!

After much wonderment in regards to the performance of Cirque Eloize here in Singapore, followed by an amazing hotel stay-dream-cation that I had not seen coming until Sun Uber-ed me there, Sun took me to one of my favourite eating places, Pastamania, and she treated me to Prawn Aglio Olio~!



And Passionfruit Ice Tea, which was perfect as yesterday it was warm and I had been aching for something cool and refreshing, and that drink absolutely hit the spot!


I wouldn’t say the portion size is satisfying at all, but my desire to eat tons and tons has reduced dramatically, and I was reasonably full once I had finished the pasta and the drink, which was a perfect way to end a perfect weekend get-away :mrgreen:💓💕🌹🍃

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