DietDiaries: Liver Days


I went shopping the other day to stock up on vegetables, and decided to finally buy some fresh meat~! Especially since I can feel my hormones acting up, I bought myself some liver too because whenever the red bear decides to come to town, I need to feed it liver. If you know what I meant.

You know what I mean.


So yeah~! Here are some pictures of today’s lunch~ I really feel like I’m making progress as I keep making healthier choices💖💞💞



Homemade lemon tea, which was warm this time cause I’m trying to avoid a cold that has been threatening to stay for the weekend.


I decided to cook the liver with some tofu and leafy greens, and it was fairly good, a lil sweet because I added too much soya sauce.


And my favourite, beansprouts, and I decided to try out some white roce noodles for today:


And it was alll good. My body is purrring happily and because I enjoyed it so much, I probably will be having the same thing tmr!


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