Storytime: Cirque Eloize & the Carousel


The day began with two tickets given to me by my boss, and the expectation of greatness. Sun actually booked a hotel near the theatre so that we could make a big day of it, and I really appreciated it because it just made the day so perfect, as after we left the performance, we could wander around down by the riverside before heading over to the hotel room to rest and relax.


We were running late and the minute we sat down, we couldn’t take our eyes off the performance! We only managed to capture a snippet before something else more amazing followed this lil piece of wonderment.


After stumbling out into the bright light of Marina Bay Convention Centre, we wandered out of the beautiful glass doors leading out to the river, and headed down the river along the walkway to take in the view.


It was really spectacular and made me think of how one day, I hope to see my dreams come into fruition, just like this beautiful city that I live in, has managed to grow and achieve so much. Sometimes I feel that I’m so tiny in this river that keeps flowing on and on called life… all I hope is that one day, I’ll find my true calling, because to me, that is a dream come true.

Heading to the hotel, we stumbled upon this carousel which looked as though it was going to be torn down. It was in the middle of a carpark and looked beautiful against the shear gray of the concrete and the blue-ish white buildings in the background.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and although we weren’t supposed to, and someone eventually shouted us away, the fleeting moments of Sun and I giggling around the merry-go-round and taking pictures were definitely a highlight of the day.

So that was my lil adventure enjoying the performance of Cirus Eloize here in Singapore, it was a great performance and if you have the chance, you should absolutely watch it. 🙂


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