Storytime: Valentines Day 2016

The evening was so many levels of perfect, that it has literally taken me three weeks to be able to sit down and get my thoughts together without gushing over the evening.

The first thing she did was to take me down shopping around our area, and I hate surprises, so for her to walk me down to the supermarket, buy me non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice and Toblerone chocolate, was just as seductive as the wonderful table spread she set up for us later on.

However she did partially-suprise me with one item: the roses


While we were walking back to the apartment, Sun noticed a small booth set up nearby selling flowers. She had turned to me and tried to convice me to go into a nearby store and buy some washing detergent.

I was very ready to follow her suggestion until she also offered to take the shopping from me, and that’s when I realised she was up to something. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have loved for her to take all the shopping up to the apartment so that my hands were free to browse around and buy the soap I wanted for our clothes, but she had recently broken her arm and it was in a cast, so she only had one functioning arm. She might be strong, but several shopping bag carried on one small slender arm which hasn’t been to a gym recently isn’t going to last the brief walk to the lift.

So I turned around and scanned the area, trying to connect the dots, and that’s when I also saw the tiny make-shift booth with the buckets of flowers that was just out of site behind a pillar.

Immediately Sun tried to distract me, but she could tell that I already knew her intentions and she gave up.

“At least can you stay here so that you don’t see exactly what I want to get for you?” She had pleaded a second later.

I had agreed and Sun had gone over and picked out the flowers, which I only saw after she had set up the table later for dinner.

Dinner was of course, burgers and potato chips, because we have always bonded over burgers and fries, so we like to commemmorate our many years of being in love with our favourite foods 🙂 💖💞



Dinner was great, the home movies we watch after we finished eating was just as great, and going to sleep next to each other, snuggling with the lights dim and music playing in the backgrounds, was great. Really really really really great. XD

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