Plussize Fashion: Daily Outfit Blog #1

It’s not easy to shop, dress or feel comfortable in your own skin these days with the media beating the same old drum made of perfect-plastic that is fueled entirely by coffee and cigerettes. Standing infront of the mirror weighing in at 187 pounds with the fat distributed in places that I’d rather not see them at, I often wonder why I go out in public at all. “A cultural fixation on female thinness” Naomi Wolf once said, ” is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience” and lucky for me female obedience is something that is sorely lacking in my personality, which is why no matter what size I am at, I always make it a point to feel comfortable and happy in my own skin, with all the pocket fats and saggy tires that go with it. And how do I do that? By wearing clothes that make me smile first on the inside, then on the outsside.

So today I decided to bring out my love for nordic-inspired fashion by wearing my favourite silhouette fauna blouse.


The prints of soaring birds and prancing deers makes me think of my favour season, winter, and reminds me of the time my mother first gave the blouse to me as a present.


My mother has always had impeccable fashion, and when I was very little I first saw the blouse swaying on the hanging line and I was captivated by it. The horse-drawn carriages and the tall trees were all silhouettes, beckoning me to invent stories to go along with the dancing shadows sporting an occassional red dear here and there, and hemmed with a border that looked to be taken from an old tapestry.


Now that I’ve grown up I see that the fantastical elements have dimmed a little, but that hasn’t changed how much I love it. My mother noticed how much I loved it too as I would often go to her closet and paw at the blouse, until finally she asked me if I’d like to have it. I must have been 18 at the time but the delight of a 7 year old bubbled up and I remember squealing in excitement like a piglet and running off to try it on immediately.


To be honest it rides up in places because my mother has always been a slimmer built than I am, and over time there is now laddering and threads coming out in places, but I still love this blouse so much, and I probably will wear it until it’s very last thread is unwoven.


I love to pair black and white tones clothing with something bright that adds a lot of colour to my look, which is why I love to wear my sun-kissed scarf on days like this when my outfit is kind of sobering. The dancing deers are lovely but overall the look is predomonantly black and white and being a very dynamic colourful person, a burst of yellow or orange really brings out my character and adds an accent tone to the


I also wore a loose pair of aladdin pants and black flats because I want my lovely snuggly scarf and my blouse to be the centre of attention in my outfit.

And lastly my lil knitted burette~! Do you like it? I love it to bits. It keeps all the fly-away hairs of my weave out of sight and out of mind~


Overall I’m very happy with my outfit today because I look good and feel great, and although I am still on my journey of lossing weight to keep myself in good health, I still feel awesome while going about my daily life.


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