Plussize Fashion: Daily Outfit #2


I was heading back home from swimming and came across this lovely bush that was in full bloom with beautiful bouganvilleas. I loved the way the light danced across the leaves and the flower petals, and I decided to use it as a backdrop for today’s ootd~!


When I was assembling this outfit before I left the house I was in a rush really and just grabbed things that would sort of go together, thinking that all the pieces worked, but now looking back they weren’t the best combination possible.

The silky maroon pants felt great on the skin after five laps up and down the pool followed by a brief shower in an icy shower, but the checkered CottonOn short-dress and the Bershka black long-tailed shirt were a little unsynced with it. Nevertheless this proved to be a very comfortable outfit to wear, especially on a warm day like this when I have just finished going for a swim! The materials are not too thick such that they cling to the skin but not thin such that everything is see through aside from the Bershka top.



Eventually it became too hot to stand around and take more pictures, so I ended up heading home after indulging in taking several pictures of just the beautiful bouganvilleas themselves.


I hope you enjoyed this lil peek into my day~! Comment below what you think I should do the next time I come across another beautiful patch of flowers.


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