Nomadic Dreams: Port Dickson ( Day 1: Meeting the Adorables )

When we first arrived at the Avillion, we walked past an adorable animal enclosure on our way to our chalet. Bad was so excited and wanted to pet the animals immediately but the animal enclosure only opened for two hours in the morning, and we had arrived late in the afternoon. However that didn’t stop us from taking pictures of the adorable creatures.


This little bunny hopped around the space, completely minding its own business as it went along.


Sleepy bunnies curled up in the shade, which was warm from the afternoon sun.


A beautiful tiny rooster strutted his stuff about the place. He knew he looked good.


This peahen was beautiful, and what was more delightful was that there were peahens just like this one roaming free all over the estate. They would slip in and out behind the tall trees and swaying flowers, as if playing hide and seek with each other. It made everything just a tad more whimsical, which was just the way I needed it to be~

Bad was so excited after seeing them that for the rest of the day she wouldn’t stop talking about them~! Stay tuned for Day 2 of our journey when s
he finally gets a chance to touch them~!! 😁

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