Plussize Fashion: Daily Outfit #4

I was rushing to work and didn’t have enough time as usual to really think my look through, so I threw on what I thought worked, and left. By the time I got to a mirror I was having a lot of doubts, so much so it took me two days to finally decide to be brave and admit to myself that I do look alright in this jacket, even with the fat tires


I wish I didn’t have the tires. I wish that I looked a lot less pudgy in the jacket, but in that moment I remembered how comfortable I was, how cosy the jacket felt and how much I love it because it has the Superman logo on it, and I love this shot because I was just comfortable and happy in my own skin, on my way back to the office after freshening up my face.


You can kind of see the logo on the side in this shot, and I feel empowered everytime I wear this because it was one of the first jackets I bought with my own pay, and it was inspired by something my girlfriend always wears.


And yes, I’m still wearing the black knitted berette. I’m very much in love with it~

Question of the day; do you have an outfit that you love and still wear, not because you look good in it, but because it makes you feel empowered? Comment below and let me know~! I love hearing your thoughts~ It’s always good to find out that I’m not alone in my thinking process 🙂

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