Food Diaries: Dessert Pizzas and Teeth Extraction

Do you want the good news of the bad news first? Let’s start with the bad news. I had to get my tooth pulled out.

So the thing is, my teeth have always given me trouble. Aside from having a sideways wisedom tooth I have had three fillings and random tooth aches here and there.

I thought after seeing a dentist three years ago I would be in good shape for life, however of course this was wishful thinking, and so after enduring several months of dull pain and finally a wrek of excrusiating pain, I finally caves and got one of my teeth pulled out.


As you can sort of see, my tooth has a hole in it, and although it looks small, it is actually quite large and has been expanding in such a way that it actually is affecting the nerve. The options were root canal, permanent drill and fill or just yank it out, and while I know having space in my teeth might not be attractive to some, I already have a gf so I’m not worried about my attractive level these days~ So I opted for the yank out and space~

Over all it hurts. Like hurts. Like right now, the whole left aide of my face, hurts. And I just can’t… I just…

Anyway the good news was that the day before I was smart enough to buy and try the new dessert pizza at pezzo!


In my defense, I had no idea my teeth would be that badly affected until I woke up the next day in agony, and it has nothing to do with the pizza itself, but it’s quite ironic how this delicious slice of heaven was followed by a tooth extraction.


Pizza bread spread with nutella and covered in marshmellows and hard candy bits. It reminded me of the crazy pizza taste tests that happened on the youtube show ‘Good Mythical Morning’. I had to try it on principle, and it was so good, it disappeared into my mouth within seconds.

And just so I made myself feel less like I wasn’t trying to hit my healthy-eating goals, I picked up a salad for lunch from Stuffed.



And although it only looks like the good parts of mashed potato and corn or a cob, there were vegetables underneath it all with barbaqued chicken waiting to be eaten.

Overall even though the pizza was nice, I think the space in my teeth is going to be a constant reminder that maaaaybe I shouldn’t buy a second slice, and that I need a better morning routine in regards to brushing my teeth. Aparently it’s up-down and not sideways?

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