Guess who just bought VIP seats for TEGAN AND SARA


ME! I’m so excited~!! The last time Bad and I saw them in concert here in singapore we managed to snag a picture with them~


It was a single moment of amazement, nerves, excitement and wonder as Bad and I stood there and took pictures with our idols. We had literally camped out at their hotel with a bunch of other fans who said they figured out where the two pop stars had stayed. Thrilled, Bad and I had followed along, hoping that we really would get a chance to meet the amazing twins.


A lot of waiting and wondering proved fruitful when they appeared, and although exhausted after playing a full set for an amazing crowd, they graciously still agreed to meet all their fans and take a picture with them. We were so grateful and happy that we had to buy their VIP seats as well as their merch that they are currently selling online for pre-order~ Bad and I can’t wait until all the stuff arrives!!!


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