The Sea Shell : The Seal Chronicles ( Part 1 )

If you’d like to read more about the exhibition itself and the thought process behind the development of the series, please check out the previous article here:

Exhibition: 2016 – The Seal Chronicles

Now follows the first of a three part series called The Seal Chronicles. Taken from my website, this is an article written about my painting  “The Sea Shell”. If you are eager to read the other articles, they are already available on my website:


If not, do check in next week to read Part 2 of this three part series.



 Ai . 2016 .
Watercolour, 18k Gold Pigment and Ink on Wood

When Ai was very little, she loved to pick up shells on the beach, just like any other little girl on a family vacation. Her mother once found a huge conch shell when they were vacationing on an island off the coast of Malaysia. As Ai squatted down on the white hot sand in her birkenstocks, with the waves lapping softly at her feet, she remembers pressing the shell to her ear and listening to the echos that the shell created, believing that she was listing to the sea itself.  In that moment she had never felt more at peace and one with the universe in her 8 year old life. In respect of the island that they were visiting Ai and her mother left the shells that they had found behind, but Ai could never leave behind that moment, and it has stayed with her throughout her life.

The Sea Shell is about feeling at home within oneself. That strange mystery that is your mind should always be a place of peace, but it might not always be the case for everyone as we all suffer through moments of depression, lose and death. So the sea shell is a reminder of all the moments that live on inside our minds and that only us in our inner ears can hear, and that comforting connection that you find when you know you are at home, even as detached as it may seem, through the reflection and meditation on one’s inner peace.

The celtic symbols in gold are actually the celtic symbols for the seal, which connects to her overall theme exploring the Selkie, and is a representative of herself and path towards peace and serenity

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