The Selkie Seal : Exhibition 2016 ( Part 2 )

If you’d like to read more about the exhibition itself and the thought process behind the development of the series, please check out the previous article here:

Exhibition: 2016 – The Seal Chronicles

Now follows the first of a three part series called The Seal Chronicles. Taken from my website, this is an article written about my painting  “The Selkie Seal”. If you are eager to read the other articles, they are already available on my website:


If not, do check in next week to read Part 3 of this three part series.13383727_1090533344350154_1492707442_o


 Ai . 2016 .
Watercolour, 18k Gold Pigment and Ink on Wood

The Selkie Seal, aka the Selkie Selfie, was Ai’s first painting in this three-part series on exploring herself as a Selkie. The large luminous eyes, Ai said, was the focus of the painting, as the saying goes – The eyes are the windows to the soul. She compiled all the things that she loves about the sea, clams, pearls, strange-translucent-fish and the waves, and created a painting that not only depicts the selkie in it’s seal form, but also captures the playful and endearing aspects of seals framed by the mystery and magic of the selkie legend.

“I had hoped to paint something that sorta looked like the seal was being caught on camera, rising to the surface of the water, just before sinking beneath the waves and swimming back out to sea. A moment of joy, and a moment of serenity”
– Ai, 2016

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