The Sound of the Sea : Exhibition 2016 ( Part 3 )

If you’d like to read more about the exhibition itself and the thought process behind the development of the series, please check out the previous article here:

Exhibition: 2016 – The Seal Chronicles

Now follows the first of a three part series called The Seal Chronicles. Taken from my website, this is an article written about my painting  “The Sound of the Sea”. If you would like to read all three articles, feel free to read them again on my website:


Welcome to part 3, the concluding part of the three part article series: The Seal Chronicles



 Ai . 2016 .
Watercolour, 18k Gold Pigment and Ink on Wood

The third installment was a reflective piece for Ai. After years of feeling misplaced or left out to sea, Ai felt that in her own way, she had found a portion of the sea for herself in associating herself with the Selkie. Ai embodied this by creating a half-woman half seal body that is nestled in the midst of coral and seashells, listening once again to her inner thoughts through the conch shell and relaxing in the peace and serenity that this new found perspective has given her.

Ai has always been inspired by the bright colours and the iridescent qualities of the shells and coral reefs beneath the ocean, thus she made sure to create as bright a spectrum of shells and corals to bring out the underwater beauty that she so loves. To  further highlight the beauty of the coral, she painted the body and hair of the Selkie in 18k gold paint to create a smooth finish, where the attention is still on the Selkie, but due to the contrast of the light that falls on the surface of the wood, it gives the illusion that the rest of the painting stands out more, therefore tying in with her desire to create a sense of belonging within the mysterious ways of the sea.


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