Diet Dairies: Starting from the Bottom

So I’ve slacked off and gained weight. So I’m trying this again. So I don’t have a weighing machine and I just bought badminton rackets a couple of hours again. I’m still not gonna change my decision or give up, because when it comes to family, it means business.

And no one is more family than my very best friends. Today I learnt that my closest and dearest of friends has been starving herself by cutting down her meals to two meals a day and barely drinking or eating anything in between. In the last 4 months she has lost 13 pounds, thats almost a stone! And she intends to keep loosing the weight like this. She has irregular periods and dhe feels nauseous and bloated after eating barely nothing. She jogs almost 2hrs every night and frets over her body image as if she isn’t the most charming and beautiful person I know, second to my girlfriend.

Armed with several seasons of Supersize VS Superskinny advice, a shopping list of balance meals and a hope, I’ve decided from today onwards for at least three months, I’m going to post MY THREE MEALS A DAY and record my exercise in hopes I’ll be able to show her that u don’t have to starve to loose the weight.

I don’t know what I would do without her. I really don’t. I know I’m obese. Last time I checked I’m 14stone 10pounds on a tiny 5foot 2inches body. For my size I’m literally 4 to 5 stone overweight. So I hope that this will work and will show that you can have three healthy meals, excersise regularly and loose at a healthy rate.

I really believe its about changing ur life style for good, and not for temporary periods. I want her to be happy inside and outside. If you are reading this my dear, I love you very much and I would never want to see you go like this. It’s better to work hard and get to the top of the mountain, with proper gear and safety than rush to the top and suffer from lack of oxygen and stuff… or u know what I mean! I’m trying to be philosophical here. Just eat right and excersise right! I love you and I want u to be my bridesmaid god damn it!!! I would love to have a heavenly wedding, but if u’re in heaven the mansion rental prices up there
are sky high and I might not be able to afford them!


2 thoughts on “Diet Dairies: Starting from the Bottom

  1. You and your friend should read The Goddess Revlution by Mel Wells. It is AMAZING and so helpful for anyone who has body image issues / food eating issues.

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